Slam Dunking on Some Reindeer

The winter solstice is upon us. Days are officially getting longer from here on out and I have to admit, after losing in not only our fantasy league, but in every other one, I’m about over football (until the playoffs start.) My Panthers have absolutely no chance of making it in this year, and the Eagles have the most minuscule of chances as well. I went 1 for 2 overall in parlays, but without gambling or fantasy to keep me involved, Sunday has become an excuse to just eat wings. Last weekend, I ate 35. You thought I was kidding?

This weekend, however, football will have to hand over it’s shiny “King of Sundays” crown to another sport. On Sunday, the birth of our savior will be celebrated with one-handed alley-oops and vicious 360 dunks. The most upstanding of athletes like Carmelo Anthony and Meta World Peace will provide shining examples for children to observe on the most holiest of days.

Let us rejoice… and eat wings.

Noon O’Clock, Celtics vs. Knicks

This is probably a game better saved for prime time, but I suppose on Christmas Day, every time is prime time, amiright? The Celtics are old and the youth they brought in can’t necessarily fill all of their roles yet. Tyson Chandler was a huge pick-up for the Knicks. They are going to be nasty this season. The Knicks are back baby. Knicks 98, Celtics 90.

Two Thirty O’Clock, Heat vs. Mavericks

Rematch of la

st years finals. What the Mavericks did to finish of the year was incredible. Do I think Lebron James is through being the bad guy? No, not really. I think it’s only just begun. I expect the Heat to pretty much control this entire game. Heat 103, Mavericks 98.

Five O’Clock, Bulls vs. Lakers

Yeeeeaaaaaaa at the beginning pre-season I kept hearing all this talk about how bad the Lakers are going to be after missing out on all those free-agent acquisitions. I kept thinking: Yea, but they have Kobe Bryant… they’ll be fine. I still think they’ll be fine, but this year is probably going to start pretty slow. I almost think Kobe is sort of genius in the fact that he exceeds expectations only because he manipulates what they should be every year. You see this huge all-star basketball player and because the expectations are so high, he’ll lower them by getting hurt. I don’t think he intentionally gets hurt or fakes it or anything, but I think he can choose when he wants to “heal.” People don’t expect much out of hurt players, but because he’s Kobe, he can milk these first 20 games or so and not really have people get on his case. Then come playoff run time, they’ll climb back into the mix of things and make a serious run. Basically what I’m saying is the Lakers won’t do good and nobody will really give Kobe shit for it. Bulls 110, Lakers 95.

8 O’Clock, Magic vs. Thunder

Damned if I didn’t think the Thunder were going to make a serious run last year. Then Russel Westbrook decided to get all crazy and mess up all the chemistry of that team. If Kendrick Perkins can’t make ya’ll love one another, no one can. The Magic, however, have always worked without much love or compassion. The team lives and dies with Dwight Howard, and my guess is he ain’t happy. Thunder 94, Magic 80.

Ten Thirty O’Clock, Clippers vs. Warriors

It’ll be nice to see the Clippers new line-up. It will be sad to see the Warriors new line-up. Should be good for a few couple hundred Griffin Dunks. Clippers 112, Warriors 100.

Also have to restate that the Sixers are going to be incredible this year. Expect another slow start though, as the first 6 games are on the road and mainly on the west coast. Merry Christmas ya’ll.

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