Rocky Mountain Vacation

This week I’m out in hearty Denver, Colorado visiting some friends and catching the Phillies. I’m going to keep it short because my colleague has an intense amount of hatred to spill out and I’m on vacation.

First off, I’m going to a place called Jump Street tonight. It’s an old supermarket that someone bought and threw a bunch of trampolines in. That very well may be the coolest thing on the face of the planet. I’m a 25 year old man that is tapping every part of his inner child this evening. I plan on being the king of the children, and the jester of their parents. You can’t imagine the joy I will feel as a grown man bouncing from trampoline to trampoline as “real adults” gaze at me with disappointment and envy. I’m like Tom Hanks in “Big.”

Second off, baseball is cheap here. REAL cheap. About 2 hours before the game started, I hopped on StubHub and snagged 6 tickets behind home dugout for $35.00 a piece. That is absolutely insane compared to Philadelphia. It’s a shame more people aren’t passionate about baseball here because the ball-park is beautiful and if they score more than 7 runs, Taco Bell gives you 4 tacos for $1. Troy Tulowitzki has a new haircut every week, too.

Finally, catching the Phillies on the road is a thing of beauty. Coors Field might have been 50% Phillies fans last night, and you could tell the locals were not OK with this. It’s understandable. I can’t explain the fury I felt when fans would come into Citizens Bank Park and try to “out-cheer” us (see Mets, 2008.) On the flip side though, it’s awesome to see the support our team receives some 2700 miles away. I watched Ryan Howard jack 2 solo shots that went 430 ft. plus. Kyle Kendrick pitched a gem (and that may be the first and last time I ever write that sentence.)

My flight got delayed some 7 hours to get here, and I couldn’t tell you how many people I met that were flying with me simply to catch a Phillies game on the west coast. I was flying out of Baltimore.

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