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Rocky Mountain Vacation

This week I’m out in hearty Denver, Colorado visiting some friends and catching the Phillies. I’m going to keep it short because my colleague has an intense amount of hatred to spill out and I’m on vacation. First off, I’m going to a place called Jump Street tonight. It’s an old supermarket that someone bought and threw a bunch of trampolines in. That very well may be the coolest thing on the face of the planet. I’m a 25 year old man that is tapping every part of his inner child this evening. I plan on being the king…

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2011 Baseball Predictions!!!

Every year at we get together to harness our psychic ability and forecast the results of the upcoming baseball season. Last year, we all did pretty good. This year, with an extra season of experience under our belt, we stand to do even better (Randy more-so than Adam.) The picks are separated by division, with number of Wins next to their name. Randy’s Picks American League   EAST Boston Red Sox (95) Tampa Bay Rays (93) New York Yankees (89) Toronto Blue Jays (81) Baltimore Orioles (79) CENTRAL Chicago White Sox (92) Minnesota Twins (90) Detroit Tigers (82)…

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2010 Baseball PostSeason Predictions!!

That time of year is almost here!  October baseball!  Getting drunk almost every day, spending a crap ton of money, eating horrific food, and losing your voice from yelling at a television…. all the good things in store that literally destroy your body in a one month span.  Yes I’m aware that wasn’t a sentence, but fuck it! It’s October baseball!! Here’s the picks for the play-offs. In the American League: The Minnesota Twins, Texas Rangers, Tampa Bay Rays, and New York Yankees.  The Yankees and Rays are still just trying to figure out who’s gonna be the wild-card,…

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