Random Thoughts

Some days you wake up and the sun is shining and all is right with the world.  But let’s rewind a bit first.

Last night I saw Bela Fleck and the Flecktones at the Wilmington Grand Opera House, and after an incredible 3 hours of the best musicianship I’ve seen in quite some time (the thrill of seeing the Flecktones is knowing that you’re going to see arguably the best banjo player in Fleck and arguably best bassist in Victor Wooten, and Vic’s brother Future Man and his drumitar and nifty hat), it was time to go home.

After the first intermission of the Flecktones, Randy was kind enough to text me that the Mavs were up by 8 on the Heat. So after the show, I tuned my radio to 97.5 to check in on the game and was shocked, literally horrified, to find that the Heat were absolutely CRUSHING the Mavs.  What. The. F.

It really pissed me off something royally that the Heat were just rolling over the Mavs, who seemed like they were resigned to their fate.  I shot off a pithy third person text to Randy: “Mavs suck. no more nba for ace. im disgusted by the playoffs. really turned off by it all” and after ranting on and on about why Lebron is evil to my dog and sleeping fiance, I finally fell asleep.

The jist of my argument is that Lebron is like the annoying kid in your neighborhood who would brag about beating Double Dragon, only when you went over to his house, you discovered that he beat it using Game Genie.  That’s all the Heat are, one big Game Genie.

Cut to this morning.  I turned on my phone. Text from Randy: Mavs won.  WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA?  After calling Big Neil to confirm that the Mavs did indeed win and that Randy wasn’t just yanking my crank (wha?), I couldn’t wait to get to work.

I have never, ever been so excited to get to work to watch the NBA highlights.  I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited to watch anything since the LOST finale.  But unlike the LOST finale, I knew that these highlights wouldn’t let me down.

The best part?  Dirk completely undressing Bosh in front of a national audience to win the game.  Holy balls is that embarrassing to watch. It’s like watching a frightened child piss all over himself in a crowded lunch room.  I almost feel bad for the guy.  But not really.

I also liked how the Heat manned up after the game and admitted that they took it a little too far with the pre-mature celebration when they went up by 15 with 7 minutes to go. Here is Lebron and Wade on it, showing a rare bit of humility and admitting that they messed up:

Lebron: “There was no celebration at all.”  Uh…

Wade: “There was no celebration. If it pumped them up, they won the game. Obviously it did something.  That’s not the first time. It won’t be the last time.”  OK then.

On to the thoughts!

1.) An awesomely bad movie that gets lost in the shuffle with the likes of Red Dawn and Point Break?  The Running Man.  Arnold at his absolute best and Richard Dawson at his most boozed/coked up.  You will be hard pressed to find a better bad movie than the Running Man. What other movie can boast a cast of Mick Fleetwood, Jesse Ventura, Jim Brown, ‘G’ from Homicide Life on the Streets, and Dweezil Zappa? Just take a minute and imagine Arnold delivering lines like these:

[after strangling Sub-Zero with barbed wire)] “What a pain in the neck.”

“Killian, here’s your Subzero…now plain zero.”

“Uplink underground, uplink underground. If you say that one more time, I’ll uplink your ass, and you’ll be underground!”

“I live to see you eat that contract, but I hope you leave enough room for my fist because I’m going to ram it into your stomach and break your god-damn spine!”

Good stuff.

2.) OK.  So I’ve been watching Twin Peaks and anybody who knows me knows that I love spoilers.  So I read a lot on-line about this guy “BOB” and I was curious as to what the deal was with this “BOB” fellow.  Well……if you go to youtube and type in “Twin Peaks Bob” and click on the link that is titled “The Revealing Science of Bob” holy goodness will you find out about BOB.

But let me warn you, it is the most disturbing scene I have ever watched. Ever. Like more disturbing than the Human Centipede. If you watch the scene keep one thing in mind: This played in prime time on CBS.  WHAT?  I’m not even sure if that would get shown on HBO.  Ok, it probably would, but it shows at least NC-17 graphic/psychological violence.  It gave me the freaking chills. Major spoiler about Laura’s killer is in the clip (obviously), so if you don’t mind that kinda stuff (like me) go on and watch.  But if you happen to be watching Twin Peaks for the first time and like surprises, I’d avoid it.

3.) What is the rule on eating a lollipop and having to pee in a public restroom?  Do you throw the lollipop away or just keep it in your mouth?  I mean, you wouldn’t bring a sandwich into the bathroom, right?  So what’s the difference?  I just picture germs swarming to the candy.  Anyway, how say you Headrush readers? Food in the bathroom, yeah…or nay?

4.) Michael Rappaport (aka Pauly from “Beautiful Girls”) on this week’s BS Report was pure gold.  My favorite line: “What’s the point of having a freakin’ tattoo on your face if you’re not gonna clothesline someone?”  Indeed.

5.) Lost in all this Canucks/Bruins finger biting nonsense was the fact that the dude from the Bruins SHOVED HIS FINGER INTO THE CANUCKS PLAYERS’ MOUTH!  Hey, Bruins dude, if you don’t want your finger bit, don’t go shoving it into people’s mouths!  Damn!

Until next time….

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