March Madness, Peyton’s Decision, Brandon Marshall’s Left Hook

Dwight Howard…. come on man. I don’t even think Lebron James free agency rumors lasted this long when he was in Cleveland.

Basically, last night after the Magic won their 3rd game in a row against top seeds in the East, Howard finally addressed the trade deadline that’s looming by saying that “he will remain with the Magic til the end of the season.” Well what about next season? What about last season? You’re telling me that this whole soap opera was for nothing and will only continue?

Dwight Howard has basically pinned the Orlando Magic into a position that every team loathes to be in. They can either force a trade by tomorrow or hope that he commits to this season and the following seasons. If not, he can just ride out this year, go into free agency, and burn the Magic into getting nothing for him. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that players get traded against their will, get under paid, and get put in places they normally would never be in, all by the franchises that give them no loyalty or consideration. I guess the thing that really bothers me is how Howard is playing his hand. If you say you aren’t going to talk about it, then don’t talk about anything. Period. By choosing to answer certain questions or publicly displaying your preference for other teams doesn’t make you get traded, it just makes you look like an asshole.

As some of my friends would say, “Let’s move on to basketball that’s watchable. College.”

Theheadrush has a public bracket pick-em league through Yahoo that you still have one day left to get in on. It’s totally free, and if you win, we’ll mention your name when all is said and done. Think about it. Is there any prize better than meager notoriety through text? I didn’t think so. Here’s the link.

Against my better judgement, I’m going to discuss a bit of my bracket. No copying!

1 – I have Kentucky winning the whole thing. Big surprise, right? Well, there’s already the whole story about how Calipari always gets knocked out the tourneys, best coach to never win, blah blah. They used to say that about Peyton Manning. Well… they used to say that about McNabb at one point, too. I don’t know where I’m going with this. Point is, Kentucky’s winning.

2 – I have San Diego State getting past Georgetown and making it to the Sweet Sixteen. I don’t even know San Diego State like that, I just know one thing : Georgetown always fucks up.

3 – I have Murray State beating Marquette in the 32 round. I dunno.

4 – Cincinnati could totally upset Florida State. I could see it. Did I pick it? No.

Really, I suppose the point I’m getting at is it’s all a crap-shoot. Some lady who never watches a game in her life is going to win it at your job, anyway. President Obama picked UNC for Pete’s sake.

The real question is, where does Peyton go? The man is getting wooed by teams more than the only girl at a Dungeons and Dragons tournament.

Seems like a simple choice to me. Tennessee. He’s familiar with the area, he can beat up on his old team, and they have the cap-space to sign him AND Reggie Wayne if they felt like it. Kenny Britt certainly makes things a little more promising, if he gets that whole “I can’t play a full season, ever….” thing squared away.

After Miami just dumped Brandon Marshall off to the Bears and Denver probably having the worst wide receivers anyone could offer, I don’t see him being crazy about playing his career out there. Do you think Peyton wants to sit and school Tim Tebow on how to be a quarterback? (If he stays.)

By the way, I’d briefly like to note that Brandon Marshall just arrested for PUNCHING A GIRL IN THE FACE. Good God man, can’t you just enjoy being a rich, super-talented receiver? You were on your way to a comeback (of-sorts) with the MVP Pro-Bowl game and new team, then something like this happens. Even without your crime-riddled past, this is not going to sit well with anyone, anywhere.

Anywho, I can’t help but wonder about the quarterbacks that are sitting around waiting while their teams court Peyton in the off-season. Remember Kevin Kolb? That guy had so much promise but it’s pretty apparent after last season that he is dunzo. Miami’s Matt Moore, however, actually had a great tail end of the season. They won a lot of games towards the second half of the year. That sounds all too familiar, though, to Moore’s Panthers days when he finished 2009 4-1 and started 2010 0-3. He got replaced by the emu, Jimmy Clausen. Yeesh.

I finally found out who the white-haired ‘super-fan’ for the Sixers was. Alan Horwitz. Who is he, you ask? He’s just some regular guy! The whole time I noticed him the past 3 years, cheering for the Sixers, giving them high-fives, harassing opposing players, it turns out he’s just some rich guy! He’s a real estate broker or something and just happens to have a shit-ton of money so he can afford those seats every season. They basically have to be cool to him because he’s there. The mystique is gone. I’m back to finding out who Luscious Sweets is.


  • My husband is a huge 49ers fan. What would happen if the 49ers scored Peyton? I’m not saying the 49ers would even try to sign Peyton Manning but IF they did this would be possible:

    Oliver Luck replaces Archie Manning. Peyton Manning replaces Jim Harbaugh. Jim Harbaugh coaches Oliver Luck’s son Andrew. Andrew Luck replaces Peyton. Jim Harbaugh coaches Peyton in Superbowl win over Andrew Luck’s Colts. Archie and Oliver get hammered in the press box.

  • You have Kentucky too, eh? I guess all of our brackets will be revealed tomorrow…they could all be eerily similar.

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