Jumping On the Heat Hatewagon

Today is a perfect example of how fickle sports media can be. I haven’t like Lebron James since he deserted Cleveland, and although I was indifferent about Wade and Bosh, I don’t like what the new Miami Heat represent. Since their flashy entrance in the off-season, they’ve been a team portraying an image that hype and showmanship will get you success beyond your wildest dreams. Most cases it does, but it looks really dirty while doing it.

Everyone was screaming at the top of their lungs, pulling their hair out, and throwing their cats from 2nd story buildings when the Heat were struggling. And it’s not even like they were struggling. They lost 4 games in a row recently and ESPN analysts couldn’t wait to pick apart Miami and constantly debate what the source of the problem is. Now they have won 3 straight, and it’s all about the Miami Heat getting their swagger back and how they are destined for greatness. Good for them.

I think what we see here is what good analysts were discussing at the beginning of the season. Bosh… just isn’t that good. When he does light it up, they win. When Lebron and Wade get 85 points combined and Bosh sucks, they lose. He’s certainly not a presence in the paint, and can’t hang with Dwight or Bynum, or most of the other big boys that are actually big for that matter.

A lot of people criticized Kevin Love’s streak for double-doubles this season, mostly stating how his team is garbagio and on any other squad, he would never be able to maintain those numbers. Perhaps… Toronto did the same for Bosh? With about as many minutes as Wade and James, he averages about the same amount of rebounds as Wade, and a worse shooting percentage than both. Odd stats for a forward. It isn’t a secret he’s not as good, but… how is he in “the big 3?” I recognize he’s a good player, I’m just saying he’s probably the most responsible for the Heat’s woes…. along with this man:

Erik Spoelstra. I really liked the idea of a young, smart, energetic coach defying the odds by leading a team of spoiled players to a collective team that wins championships. I was rooting for him at the beginning of the season, but now my opinion has changed quite a bit. His inexperience and age are starting to show. I haven’t seen him say one thing at a press conference that wasn’t met with me shaking my head. For God’s sake man, you told the media your players were crying! How the hell can they want to play for you after that??

Now that they’ve won a few games again, you’re going to induce more anger and resentment by claiming that “people will want to jump on the Heat bandwagon now.” As if it wasn’t a huge bandwagon to begin with since the start of the season? The stadium’s seats are barely filled on any given night, even though it possesses what some would argue as two of the greatest players in the history of the sport. People from Florida could give a rat’s ass about any sport except football, so don’t be surprised that you only get love when you win. By that quote, it sounds to me like you’re not inviting fans to come enjoy your labor at all. It sounds immature, and stupid.

All I’m saying is come play offs, your team is going to be exposed as it has in the past, and you aren’t a good enough coach to adapt and change that. You barely have control of your locker room and the pressure of that big market with Pat Riley breathing down your neck is starting to show. I’d like to see you make more mature moves.

And of course, if the Heat start tearing things up in the play offs and make a great run to the Eastern Conference or so, I will gladly print out this page and eat the words, literally.


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