His Edge Is Back, He’s Right on Track

Well haven’t I learned my lesson? I mockingly decided to post something about the 76ers a few days ago during their 9-0 home win streak. I say mockingly because the last time the Sixers were on a streak this season, I published something and that very evening they lost. I mentioned this during the second post and then it happened again! My posts are killing the Sixers’ streaks! Should I just never post about them again?? Does this count as a post about them now?? This vexes me… I’m terribly vexed.

As promised, I will deliver this week’s conference championships’ predictions with unbridled assuredness. Let me reach down into my crystal ball…

Sunday @ 3:00 – Baltimore Ravens @ New England Patriots (-7)

Not much of a surprise the Patriots are favored here. As mentioned before, the Ravens’ offense came to an absolute stand-still last week after the 1st quarter. The Patriots offense comes to a stand-still basically never. The only thing that doesn’t have me frantically yelling take the Patriots with the spread is Baltimore’s defense. It’s still pretty decent, but Ed Reed looked like a dinosaur last weekend.

Well, that’s an unfair simplification. He got injured repeatedly and looked like a dinosaur. Get some Just For Men Ed! Your gray facial hair has put you in a rocking chair! Your beard is weird! Your stash is trash! “Ooohhhhhhhhh, it’s baaaaaaaaad.”

I think it’s more likely the Baltimore defense will slow down, rather than slow the Patriots down. Unless Joey Flacco decides to have a miracle game, I could see this thing getting out of control.

Patriots 34, Ravens 17.

Sunday @ 6:30 – New York Giants @ San Francisco 49ers (-2.5)

I think this game has a lot more potential. I certainly didn’t pick the 49ers and Alex Smith to make it pass the Saints, but they did. This will be the second team in a row New York will have to visit and beat. It’s a tough task. You’re looking at two really good defenses that maintain consistency, and they both have peaking offenses to boot. If it wasn’t for Alex Smith having a break-out season, I would take the Giants in this one, but I gotta think my man Smith will pull the unexpected again. No Pats/Giants rematch.

49ers 27, Giants 24

Happy gambling.

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