It’s that time of year! The culmination of all our hopes and dreams placed into one 4 hour long commercial, with bits and pieces of football sprinkled in.

Since we’d like to rig the contest here to make it more exciting, it’s match play bitches, meaning Adam, Brendan, and I are tied like some Nike Air Jordan shoelaces. It comes down to this one game, one selection, to determine who in-fact has ungodly like football prediction qualities. I wager it to be me. So the challenge this time was to not only select the team with the spread, but also the over/under. If the contestants happen to pick the correct score, they win the whole shebang regardless.

As of right now, the spread is Packers -2.5, the over/under being 44.5.

The Picks

Adam – Steelers +2.5/Over/Steelers 31 Packers 26

Brendan – Packers -2.5/Over/Packers 28 Steelers 24

Randy – Steelers +2.5/Under/Steelers 17 Packers 14

Let the winner be decided! Let’s go!!

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