Spencer Hawes Rants on ObamaCare, Diminishes Already Small Fanbase

Hold the presses! Spencer Hawes is officially against “ObamaCare” and he wants everyone to know that!

I certainly don’t want to get into a debate about whether you are for or against the Senate ruling that occurred over the mandated health insurance reform, but I DO want to show some wonderful antics from our favorite under-achieving 7ft center, Spencer Hawes.

Say what you will about his play (which I just did by calling him under-achieving), but Adam and I both had no idea that Spencer Hawes, the 76ers player, was so damn conservative. Apparently he was all worked up about the ruling this afternoon, so he vented on Twitter:

As you can see, his earlier Tweets were mentioning things like his summer camp where youths come and learn about basketball. Then, it turns into an all out rampage, saying things like, “Just drove by a bald eagle who appeared to be crying. Coincidence?” at President Obama. Before that, he had a post that said, “O weird the market is headed down this morning. Who could have forseen that now that #America is #socialist #taxtaxtax #spendspendspend.”


If you notice, Andre Iguodala as the seasoned veteran, tries to calm Spencer down in the 2nd Tweet and prevent him from increasing this disaster to no avail. Spence simply ain’t having it.

The first text that you read is Spencer shouting out to Jamal Crawford for making an appearance at his summer camp this afternoon. It also mentions an ‘engaging debate about repealing [todays] decision.”

1) I can’t imagine how intelligent that debate was.

2) When you click on the pic attached, this is the image that shows up:

and at first, I sort of laughed because I envisioned Spencer Hawes and Jamal Crawford arguing about health care reform in front of several toddlers, each trying to convince the children to take their side of the debate. That probably wasn’t the case, though :(

What really interested me about this was the responses he was getting directed at him on Twitter:

Ahhhhh, these are rich. I had to RT “As if you can drive past anything” by @AndrewCieslak. Well played sir.

It doesn’t really matter how you feel about this, there is one thing for sure, Spencer probably lost a lot of fans and the Sixers’ owners can’t be very happy about this. Good times!

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