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Spencer Hawes Rants on ObamaCare, Diminishes Already Small Fanbase

Hold the presses! Spencer Hawes is officially against “ObamaCare” and he wants everyone to know that! I certainly don’t want to get into a debate about whether you are for or against the Senate ruling that occurred over the mandated health insurance reform, but I DO want to show some wonderful antics from our favorite under-achieving 7ft center, Spencer Hawes. Say what you will about his play (which I just did by calling him under-achieving), but Adam and I both had no idea that Spencer Hawes, the 76ers player, was so damn conservative. Apparently he was all worked up…

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Magic Johnson is Shrek; Pryor Skips Senior Season

Can you hear that chewing noise? That’s me, eating my words from last week. The Dallas/Heat series is tied up, and every game has been remarkably close. I’m still sticking to my guns in regards to the Heat winning the NBA Finals, but maybe this will carry to game 7 and actually be a good series. Sometimes I forget that David Stern cares about revenue, and more games = more ad revenue. I can’t even break this series down very well because both teams are shooting poorly. It’s low scoring, smothering defense that’s taking the forefront of play, and…

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