Not Going to Jinx a Thing

Not at all.

I only came on here to make a few predictions:

1.) The Thunder will lose to the Grizzlies in 6.

2.) The Heat will beat the Bulls and they will definitely win tonight (special bonus prediction: Wade/Lebron will combine to take 30 free throws. Wade attempted none in game one and Lebron only attempted 9. You think that will continue? You better believe Stern is going to be in the ears of those refs all night long. No way they can let the chosen one lose in round 2).

3.) The Spurs will beat the Warriors in 7.

4.) Indiana will beat New York in 6.

These NBA playoffs have been a lot of fun. It’s nice to just watch an NBA game and not care about the outcome. Heck, I don’t even hate Lebron as much as I used to thanks to the Harlem Shake video.

5.) I want to put this down in writing: last night I had a dream that newly acquired Raiders safety Usama Young intercepted Andrew Luck and returned that INT 46 yards. Not only does this show how lame my dreams are, BUT if it proves to be true, that’s crazy. We’ll check back in September.

6.) I started re-watching LOST recently and not only does re-watching it make me dislike the character of Kate even more, but it also shows just how little follow through the writers actually had. For instance, (and spoilers ahead for those of you who still haven’t seen the show), the night before Michael and Walt get on the raft, Michael says to Walt something like, ‘Hey man, we don’t have to get on the raft’ and Walt looking very creepy says, ‘Yes we do’ while ominous music plays in the background like Walt has super powers or something. But then NOTHING ever comes of that. ┬áSure, Walt gets kidnapped but he is basically NEVER heard from again during the show (save for sporadic mentionings and appearances in the next 5 seasons).

The writer’s have always said that they didn’t write anything for Walt because the actor playing him grew up too fast. But that’s BS. I think they just couldn’t figure out how to explain why he was ‘Special’ and didn’t know where to go with the character. I mean, you have the audience suspend their disbelief about an island with polar bears and smoke monsters, but then hit the brakes when a 11 year old suddenly looks 13? Come on now. You’re better than that.

Also, when Kate has to admit to being a criminal in front of everyone she says that she is on the run for something she “Supposedly” did, when we later find out that she definitely blew up her mom’s abusive boyfriend (or husband, I can’t remember which). So why is she saying the word ‘Supposedly?’ she definitely killed that dude. Ain’t no supposed about it. Damn, I hate Kate. Did I mention that?

But enough LOST bashing, cause I really do like the show, and I think that the moment the survivors get on the raft is one of the best moments of TV ever. Perhaps even THE best. I mean, when Vincent swims out after the raft…well…water works galore.

That scene and the end of Field of Dreams are almost always guaranteed to make me weepy.


  • What about Don Draper explaining The Carousel in Mad Men. That is also a pretty slick TV scene.

  • Hey…Walt…wanna have a catch?

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