Kevin Nash is Old, Tom Waits is the Beast

1.) WWE…why?  Oh goodness how you dropped the ball. Kevin Nash?  Really?  Really?  I was so excited to see the SummerSlam results and then so let down to find out that it ended in the most TNA-rrific way possible.  Having the gross hair-dyed corpse of Kevin Nash “spring” out of the stands to power bomb the “triumphant” (Cena’s foot was on the ropes) C.M. Punk allowing Alberto del Rio to cash in his Money in the Bank Briefcase.

Damn you HHH.  Look, just cause you’re friends with Kevin Nash, doesn’t mean that he should be allowed anywhere near WWE television.  The man looks old as hell and his act has been tired for about 10 years.  Has anyone else seen the clip from a few years ago where Nash tries to power bomb someone but is so old and out of shape that he can’t even lift the guy up and they both just kind of collapse and Nash ends up sitting down on the mat with the guy in his lap?  Well I have.  And it is a sad sight indeed.

Nash, go away.  Or better yet, go back to TNA where guys like Hogan and Flair are still wrestling.  By the way, if you thought Flair’s man-boobs were gross in the 90’s, you should see them now!  When he gets chopped (WHOOOO!) it looks like they are in danger of just sailing off his chest and into the stands (shudder).

2.) Every once in a while, I will be looking up an artists’ catalog on Itunes and I will be surprised to find that a song I know is actually a cover of another artist.  The song in question, “Downtown Train” which I always thought was by Rod Stewart. Turns out that he’s actually covering a Tom Waits song (hipsters everywhere shake their heads in disgust).

Anyway, the Tom Waits version of “Downtown Train” is incredible. Within seconds of hearing it, I e-mailed my fiance and said, “We have to add this to our wedding song playlist!” Cause if any song deserves to be on a wedding playlist, it’s one about stalking a girl on a train and possibly at her apartment.

Waits is also responsible for the song “Way Down in the Hole” which all Wire fans will be familiar with, and his version is featured in Season Two.

I always loved his album “Closing Time” because he was singing with a semi-regular voice and not the real gruff voice that makes him sound like a cigar stained homeless wino who wondered into the studio off the street. But I’m starting to like the hobo sounding Waits too.  You know why?  Cause when he sings, I picture the Beast from the animated Beauty and the Beast wearing a Humphrey Bogart hat and crooning earnestly about women or reading free verse poetry at a smokey coffee house.

3.) The Dream Team looked a little shaky last night, to say the least.  Lets get one thing straight, if you’re going to have a “Dream Team” you need capable linebackers and an offensive line. But rest assured, Eagles fans, it’s only the pre-season.  I remember one year the Raiders won all their games in the pre-season only to go 2-14 in the regular season.  Which of course, led them to landing the number one pick and the franchise saving QB: JaMarcus Russell.

4.) Right now I am losing 0-10 in Theheadrush’s fantasy baseball league.  You know how embarrassing it is to lose 0-10?  It’s almost as embarrassing as thinking you can win a Super Bowl with Casey Matthews as your starting middle linebacker (Eagles fans, remember this comment when they get to the Super Bowl and Matthews is rookie of the year).

5.) We moved recently and our poor cat, Manny, can’t seem to find the litter box. So now every morning he runs around meowing up a storm, clawing at us and hopping from box to box trying to find a proper place to poop.  This leads to us picking him up, taking him downstairs and stuffing him into his litter box igloo only for him to stay in there for .01 seconds and then sprint back upstairs.  Look, Manny, I know the basement is scary, I’m scared of it too, but that’s where the box is.  Deal with it.

Why am I talking about my cat going to the bathroom?  Cause I had no fifth topic and wanted one!  That’s why!

Have a good weekend.  Until next time…


  • Rod Stewart covers Tom Waits. It’s like the 10-speed fixed gear I ride came to a screeching halt.

  • Since you have been exclusively listening to 60 second clips of Tom Waits for the last three days, I can confirm that he does indeed sound like he should be the voice of Disney’s Beast. Haha, Belle would have been smitten in no time.

    I told you to talk about the Webify sock puppet monkey for your 5th topic. But noooooo. And so I wrote about it on my site. ;)

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