It Doesn’t Matter If You Win by an Inch or a Mile….

Enjoy it while you can, New York, because you guys are going to lose to the Heat, one way or another. Seems like the only way the Knicks are capable of beating Miami is if Carmelo scores 40+ points. This isn’t going past 5 games.

Cole Hamels admitted to intentionally drilling Bryce Harper in the 1st inning of last night’s game. I dig it. That Harper kid has done some awesome things in his major league debut (which… for all intensive purposes is a year-long debut), but there is always that chance that the adrenaline stops flowing and the hits stop coming. I think this kid has a lot of raw talent, but you always got to keep these things in perspective. Remember when Jason Heyward was supposed to be that guy? He’s still an every day player, but it certainly didn’t pan out to the hype.

I’m going on somewhat of a concert bender this week. 2 days ago I saw Miike Snow at the Electric Factory, tomorrow it’s Santigold and Theophilus London, and Friday it’s M83 at Union Transfer. They are all probably going to be good shows, but I think I’m probably going to enjoy Santigold the best. Why? Not because she has better music or anything. It’s mostly because I can’t dance up on girls with some very ambient emo-synth music going on in the background.

Jamie Moyer and Chipper Jones apparently have some beef going on. Saturday night, Jones was on second while Moyer was on the mound, and Jamie promptly stopped his delivery to call out Chipper for stealing signs. They jabbered a bit back and forth, but Chipper took a cheap shot after the game. When questioned about it, Chipper said something like “Every pitch Moyer throws is 78 mph, we don’t need to steal signs” or something like that.

This got me to thinking: Who would win in a fist fight between Jamie Moyer and Chipper Jones? How can I Don King this situation? I would probably take Moyer if my money was riding on it. They are both in ‘relatively’ good shape for their age, but Moyer seems more conditioned. Chipper got super fat in the off-season which makes me think that he’s just a retirement away from getting to John Kruk’s size. If the fight went past a minute, Chipper is exhausted and down for the count. Moyer in 5 rounds.

Yeaaaaaaa the Sixers won. It’s exciting for me. There are a lot of people out there who want to point out the injuries that have turned the Bulls into a somewhat-average team. It’s true, we aren’t playing their best. It would definitely be much more gratifying to knock off considerably the best team in the East with their full roster. Who knows what the results would be if Derrick Rose and Noah weren’t out. We would probably only win 1-2 games in the series. But you know what?

Fuck it. I’m going to go Fast & Furious circa 2001 on your ass and say, “It doesn’t matter if you win by and inch or a mile, winning’s winning.” They still have a good team that won a lot of games without Derrick Rose. We still have a very young core of players and tasting success in the playoffs is essential to their development. Cheap wins are still wins.

I’ll even go as far as to say that our matchup AFTER this series is favorable as well. We either play the Celtics or the Hawks (it’s looking like the Celtics), and that’s OK with me. We are 2-1 against Boston this season. It’s possible to taste more success if we make it past the Bulls. Nobody is predicting the Sixers to win the East or anything, but getting some healthy playoff wins under their belt bodes well for the upcoming seasons. You can see Jrue Holiday’s confidence level change dramatically from Game 1 to Game 4.

Small note about Fast & Furious now that I bring it up: Why did Jesse think his Jetta was going to be faster than a Honda S2000? Was that some sort of error on the writers?

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