Farewell Hip-Hop…and the Entire NBA Season

1.) In perhaps the greatest move that they could’ve made, the 76ers new ownership decided to get rid of the much maligned mascot, Hip-Hop. You know how I am 100% positive that this was a good move? I read about it on the Yahoo! Blog post and there is currently one comment under the post.  That comment simply reads: “Good.”

Exactly. Peace out freaky bunny.

2.) Speaking of the NBA, I’m going to have to totally disagree with my buddy Randy.  Not only can college basketball replace the NBA, it will, and for many, it already has. Compared to NCAA basketball, the NBA games are slow and boring (maybe cause they play approximately 1400 games), and only get kinda exciting during the second round of the playoffs, or anytime you can root against Lebron James. And this is coming from somebody who likes the NBA.

Here’s the biggest problem the NBA faces: The NFL is on now and will be until February, then we still have hockey (which I don’t like but a lot of people do) and college basketball, and then it’s April and time for baseball. So losing the NBA really doesn’t impact the sporting year at all, in fact, it’s like we just trimmed the fat.

Also, the NBA players are being led by Derrick Fisher.  How in the HELL did that happen?  That guy just seems like a prick.

3.) I watched a video on Deadspin where they had Herman Edwards clips from Sportscenter and he said, “You go to Las Vegas and gamble and when you lose in Las Vegas, you buy chandeliers.”  Ummm….WHAT?

(*Author’s update*) OOOHHHH!  I get it now!  I just had a moment of clarity: See, when you go to Las Vegas and gamble, and you LOSE, then the casino takes your money and uses it to buy chandeliers.  Got it.

4.) We just got TV back and I gotta say, kudos to Comcast for the free 6 months of HBO.  The only problem is, what the hell are we going to do when are 6 months are up?  Me and Stef plowed through Game of Thrones in about 3 sittings (how dumb is Eddard Stark?  I mean, seriously, the guy is a FOOL!) and now that I’m fully caught up on Boardwalk Empire, it’s gonna be tough to see it go away.

Actually, not really, there’s always STORAGE WARS! I payed $600 for this unit and then I found $50,000 worth of GOLD BULLION!

5.) I’m growing a mustache for Movember (a month long mustache growing/fundraising event to raise awareness for men’s health) and I gotta say, I kinda like it.  I look pretty much like Commissioner Gordon from the new Batman movies, the ones where he’s played by Gary Oldman and not some old fat Irish dude with white hair. On the list of celebrities that are awesome to look like, Commissioner Gordon is probably somewhere around 6,578th.  Not showing off, but not falling behind.

Although in this picture, I kinda look like a serial killer wearing a wig.

Anyway, if you wanna donate to the team, or just check out some funny mustaches (My brother, Noah’s looks pretty dope), visit our team’s page

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I’ll be back later in the week with all the picks, but for now I like:

Green Bay -6 at Detroit

Miami +7 at Dallas

San Fran +3 at Baltimore

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  • granted the players representing the Union are total tool-bags, but you’ll be sorry when OSU’s Keiton Page or Louisville’s Peyton Siva short asses ain’t dunking on people.

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