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This Guy Walks Through the Raindrops

1.) Ok then. If you haven’t watched the clip of Chris Klein from the movie: “The Legend of Chun Li” you need to go do so right now and then come back. It is, without a doubt, the BEST acting clip I’ve seen since those ladies in the Wicker Man poured bee’s into Nic Cage’s eyes, or since Nic Cage punched one of those ladies in a bear suit (for reference, check out the Wicker Man clips posted on Youtube). My favorite lines are: “You don’t want a ticket to this dance detective.” “Yeah last supper. And he serves them,…

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Farewell Hip-Hop…and the Entire NBA Season

1.) In perhaps the greatest move that they could’ve made, the 76ers new ownership decided to get rid of the much maligned mascot, Hip-Hop. You know how I am 100% positive that this was a good move? I read about it on the Yahoo! Blog post and there is currently one comment under the post.  That comment simply reads: “Good.” Exactly. Peace out freaky bunny. 2.) Speaking of the NBA, I’m going to have to totally disagree with my buddy Randy.  Not only can college basketball replace the NBA, it will, and for many, it already has. Compared to…

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