What Football Week Is It ?

Week 9? Week 10? Does it even matter anymore?

The rebuttal to myself is: Yes. Yes it does. Get with the program, Randy.

The re-rebuttal to that is: Looks like I went 9 for 12 with the spreads last week. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say that I am with it.

Ok. This is getting weird. Truth is, I did go 9 for 12 last week, my finest week yet. Let’s keep the good times rolling with this week’s picks!

Denver -4 @ Cincinnati – Andy Dalton’s performance has been lackluster in the month of October. Peyton Manning just had on of the best Octobers in his entire career. Denver -4.

Arizona +10 @ Green Bay – This one is not so clear cut. Arizona has been on a downward spiral since their 4-0 start. That was pretty expected. Green Bay is on a winning trend as well after their shaky start. Welp, I guess it is pretty clear cut. Packers -10.

Miami -2.5 @ Indianapolis – Miami is above .500. That’s pretty remarkable with the staff they have currently. Indianapolis hasn’t really found a consistent rhythm, although they are coming off of a win. I’m not a big fan of picking this game, but my gut says Indy +2.5.

Baltimore -3.5 @ Cleveland – I’d like to think that Baltimore will get back to ‘elite’ form this week. With that being said, Cleveland has a pretty solid run defense and held manages to keep the game close. Hate that spread is so small, but I’m thinking Ravens by a field goal. Cleveland +3.5

Buffalo +10 @ Houston – Buffalo might have one of the worst defenses in the worrrrrrrrld. Buffalo is coming off of a bye week which means its right about time that they start fading into mediocrity. Houston is also coming off of a bye week. The only reason I’m inclined to take the points here is because of Buffalo’s pretty potent offense. They rank 4th in the league for rushing yards. I’m not really sure how this will end up. Buffalo +10.

Carolina +3 @ Washington – This could be a really sad game for Cam Newton. His sophmore slump has been looming over the entire team, and with the recent quotes from his much more talented predecessor, RG3, the media is going to have a field day. Washington -3.

Detroit -4.5 @ Jacksonville – Jacksonville ranks dead last for points per game, yards per game, and pass yards per game. Detroit’s offense is 2nd in 2 of those categories. I’m thinking that Detroit gets it done. Lions -4.5.

Chicago -3.5 @ Tennessee – Not really sure why this spread is as small as it is. Chicago is the real deal and Tennessee has zero defense. Bears -3.5.

Minnesota +4 @ Seattle – It’s tough to get a victory in Seattle’s stadium. Their defense is top 10 in most categories and Minnesota doesn’t really shine in area except their run game. Ponder has been absolutely atrocious these past couple weeks. I think Seattle will win a close game. Minnesota +4.

Tampa Bay +1 @ Oakland – Who knows what you get out of Oakland? Tampa Bay has an offense that’s getting in sync and I think that’s going to be trouble for Oakland. Bucs +1.

Pittsburgh +3 @ New York Giants – This is going to be a pretty awesome game I have to think. New York ranks in the top 10 for almost every offensive category, and Pittsburgh ranks in the top 10 for almost every defensive category. I don’t expect a high scoring game. Steelers +3.

Dallas +4 @ Atlanta – I would have to think this line would be bigger. How does the only undefeated team in the NFL get such a small line at home, against the disfunctional Cowboys? Last week, I said the exact same thing about the Eagles and almost reverse jinxed myself. By saying that, I’ve already doomed my pick, but…. Falcons -4.

Philadelphia +3 @ New Orleans – Talk about two sinking ships. The Saints and Eagles haven’t really gotten their act together since Day 1, but at least the Saints have an excuse for their shortcomings. Andy Reid’s days in Philly are coming an end. Saints -3.

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