Week 4 Picks and Fodder

The Refs are back!! Sweet mercy, the refs are back!!

And that’s literally all I want to say about that. By 3pm last Tuesday, I was already sick of hearing about the terrible call the refs made, how they sucked, what was happening with the new refs, blah blah blah. All is well now…

If there’s one thing that I noticed about last night’s game, too, it’s that it was… well… kinda boring and normal. Things were controlled and a lot less tense. I guess that’s cool….

The Phillies disappointed like we all expected. This is a weird time to be watching baseball. I’m not going to go through all of the trouble of finding out what our record was after the All-Star Break, but I bet it was awesome. It’s encouraging knowing that next year we will be starting the season with all of our pieces.

Oh, one note though, Ryan Howard currently has 56 RBIs and 14 HRs. He’s 4th out of all of the Phillies and he didn’t start his season until July. Last year, Ryan Howard had 116. Anyone who says he is overpaid and we should get rid of him is a moron.

Why is A$AP Rocky in the Fifa 13 commercials? I get why Snoop Lion is. The man is the epitome of a sell out, but do enough people know about A$AP Rocky that he’s warranted a Fifa commercial? It’s a weird world we live in when an underground gangster rapper can become a trending figure in the public.

Ah well, I got picks on picks!!

New England -4 @ Buffalo – Mmmmm, yea, I’m going to say New England on this one. C.J. Spiller is kind of hurt and I have no faith in the Bills secondary.

Minnesota +4.5 @ Detroit – The Vikings upset over the 49ers wasn’t a fluke. They have a much better team than last year, and they are sort of doing it quietly. With that being said, this seems like an absolute trap to lose a bet, so I’d take whoever they were playing against no matter what. THAT BEING SAID, I have no faith in Detroit. I’m taking Detroit, but not convincingly.

Carolina +7 @ Atlanta – Atlanta. Carolina is in disarray.

San Francisco -4.5 @ New York Jets – I like San Fran in this one. West coast teams coming to the East seem to fair well, and I have to think the Jets defense is slightly discouraged after losing Reevis.

San Diego -1 @ Kansas City – Dude, Kansas City is not worth this line. San Diego by a land slide.

Tennessee +12 @ Houston – On one hand, it’s the Texans. On the other hand, the Titans don’t look half bad. Their defense is pretty decent, Kenny Britt is back in the line up, Jack Locker loves him, and 12 points is a lot to cover. I’ll take the Titans +12 please.

Seattle -2.5 @ St. Louis – Yawwwwwwwwn. I’ll take St. Louie with the points. They are at home. Seattle’s offense can sputter at times.

Miami +5.5 @ Arizona – Is it possible that Arizona is the only 4-0 team going into Week 5? Could be. I’ll take Arizona, although the spread is a little bigger than I like. Miami is just too busy still trying to figure things out.

Oakland +6.5 @ Denver – This is a line I don’t understand. The Raiders just finished upsetting the Steelers, then they visit Mile High against a huge divisional rival and they have this big a spread? I’ll take the Raiders. I’ll also second guess that now, because my thoughts are so lopsided.

Cincinnati -2.5 @ Jacksonville – Bengals all the way. Daulton is quietly having a great season. The Bengals are a better team than their record reflects, and Jacksonville is well… Jacksonville. Hell, I’m gonna make this my LOCK OF THE WEEK.

New Orleans +9 @ Green Bay – The Saints are definitely going to lose this game. They just aren’t in the same tier as Green Bay. Will they lose by more than 9, though? No, I don’t think so, so I’ll take NO +9.

Washington +1.5 @ Tampa Bay – Tough one to pick. Both teams are still trying to find their identity a bit. I’m taking TB just because I like Josh Freeman.

New York Giants +1 @ Philadelphia – Yeesh. What is up with this spread? Eli Manning looks incredible, the Giants D versus a struggling O-line for Michael Vick, the fore-mentioned Michael Vick struggling…. I can’t see how this line is so small. Giants. All day.

Chicago +3 @ Dallas – Cutler’s offensive line didn’t really drop the ball like I expected them too last week. They will be facing a little more pressure though in the defense of the Dallas Cowboys. I like Chicago in this one, though.

Alright folks.

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