Valdez Pitches a Gem, Punches Bastardo in Celebration

Adam and I were talking about posting some NBA Finals predictions, but once we both figured out that our predictions were the exact same, there wasn’t much point. Heat in 5. After last night… Heat in 4. For the sake of saving face, David Stern might even give the trophy out on game 3.

I was thinking maybe Dallas would steal game 1 but I guess the Heat have decided to play every game this series. That’s really all it comes down to.

Jim Tressel resigned this week (or was fired, I’m not sure which) after attempting to cover up a “scandal” that involved some student athletes selling their jerseys and getting discounts at a tattoo shop. How is this even remotely a scandal?

It’s sad that other NCAA coaches can’t come to Tressel’s side and admit that it’s an extremely common occurrence, but obviously they can’t do that without incriminating themselves. The fact remains though, that this kinda stuff happens every day. They got discounts at a tattoo parlor. Big whoop.

It doesn’t make what they did right. It makes the NCAA rules wrong. And stupid. Kids shouldn’t be punished for making secondary incomes while generating revenue for the colleges they play for. College kids have absolutely no income before entering one of the highest paying jobs fathomable in the world.

We gotta talk about Valdez’s 19th inning gem that he pitched last week too. What an awesome night. I stopped watching that game in the 8th inning, only to resume it around 12:30 am in the 14th because I was so blown away by how long it was lasting. I’m glad I stayed up. Did you see Valdez tag Bastardo in the mouth right as the game was over, too? All in good fun I’m sure, but hilarious none the less.

The hat is being placed in the Baseball Hall of Fame since he’s the first positional player to get a Win since Babe Ruth in 1921. Actually, correction, the hat showed up at the Baseball Hall of Fame, and they acknowledged it via Twitter. I don’t know if it will make it on the floor, but they have it.

Shane Victorino is set to come back from the DL here soon, and people are saying John Mayberry might get moved down to AAA Lehigh. I think that’s a position better for Michael Martinez than Mayberry. Keep Mayberry in the outfield. He’s hitting. Martinez ain’t. He’s got like a .140 average right now.

There was a small poll taken from players throughout the MLB asking “Who do you think is the most overrated player in the Majors?” Ranking #1 was Alex Rodriguez, which is understandable because the man is so paid, how can you not think that? Derek Jeter got #3 and that’s surprising. Sure, he’s old and slumping now, but no one is confusing that and calling him incredible now. Everybody is saying how old and slumpy he is, so how is that being rated high?

What was awesome is that Jayson Werth was #4. That huge paycheck he got for a 7-year deal could make anyone overrated, but especially a padded-stat having fool like Werth. More strikeouts than Howard last year. Let’s not forget that.

To be fair, the man has 12 or so less RBIs than last year around this time, but that’s simply because the Nationals are so bad. Who’s getting on base for him? His average and home-run depletion are entirely up to him, though. Enjoy the next 7 seasons there, Jayson.

Earlier this year when Adam and I made our baseball predictions, I thought he was insane for picking the Brewers to win the NL Central. Now, somehow, it looks kinda realistic. They are 2nd in the division with a 30-25 record and quietly won 8 of their last 10 games. On the flipside of that, the Marlins are also 2nd right now in the NL East, and we all know they ain’t going nowhere.

The Diamondbacks have climbed into the top of the NL West too. That whole division is just a pity party, though, waiting for some mediocre team to come out on top. Every year I think the Rockies are going to surge, and then they don’t. The past 4 years have been awesome hitting ruined by awful pitching. And sure, some may say the Giants have it, but last year those guys won the World Series with only 3 original positional players from the beginning of the season. Most of those guys aren’t around anymore, either. Plus, they suck.

The feel-good story so far has been the Cleveland Indians. Lord knows that city needs something to revive it. No one would have guessed the Indians could have the 3rd best record in the majors right now, but they do. Strangely enough… they do. You know who’s got #1 right now? The Phillies. So all is right with the universe.

All right, I’m done rambling. It’s an unbelievably hot day on the east coast today, so get yourself some ice-cream, and don’t hesitate to run over a child to do it. Oswalt takes the mound this afternoon for an unusual Wednesday day game.

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