US Soccer Does it Again!!

Fifa hosts the under-17 World Cup Qualifying Tournament every year (the CONCACAF) and guess who took it home this year?? That’s right. America bitches.

I showed you guys a post a few days ago showing highlights of our semi-final win over El Salvador, and there was tons of highlights. Somehow, the US managed to outdo themselves by destroying Canada 3-0 in the Finals to win the entire Championship. Epic sick. This is a great sign of things to come for American soccer.

The first goal, something you’d typically see from Christian Ronaldo, was a sweet floater from Nathan Smith in the 91st minute. We went on to score 2 more goals in OT simply because the Canadians were so broken down at that point, scoring came easy. That’s what we do baby!! It made ESPN’s Top Plays #5 today, which goes to show how little respect ESPN shows for soccer. Either way check it out…

And if you are curious about who’s commentating… OUR BOY IS BACK!!

That was the first goal the Canadian goalie allowed the entire tournament.

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