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US Soccer Does it Again!!

Fifa hosts the under-17 World Cup Qualifying Tournament every year (the CONCACAF) and guess who took it home this year?? That’s right. America bitches. I showed you guys a post a few days ago showing highlights of our semi-final win over El Salvador, and there was tons of highlights. Somehow, the US managed to outdo themselves by destroying Canada 3-0 in the Finals to win the entire Championship. Epic sick. This is a great sign of things to come for American soccer. The first goal, something you’d typically see from Christian Ronaldo, was a sweet floater from Nathan Smith…

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Here we ayah Gov’nah!

I used to be the guy that didn’t give two flying f bombs about soccer. For years I’d hear about it’s revival in America, the resurgence of this amazing sport, being embraced by anyone and everyone alike. But nothing ever happened. The MLS helped no one except retired pro’s from Europe. And then something happened…. I played Fifa 10 for PS3. It seemed as though God managed to take time from granting athletes and rappers special skills to design a video game that captured everything that was good and great about soccer. I became addicted. I played night and…

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US Soccer Signs Another Foreign Star

So, it seems as though the Major League Soccer has become the grazing pasture when former international stars are put out to stud, so to speak.  Earlier today, Thierry Henry signed a contract with MLS’s New York Red Bulls after being cut from Barcelona for scoring a meager 4 goals last year.  Henry has an incredibly impressive resume with Barcelona and his former club team Arsenal.  Aside from winning two Premier League Championships in 04′ and 07′, he also was awarded 6 different trophies in 2009 including the Champions League.  With the international French team, he won one World…

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