Here we ayah Gov’nah!

I used to be the guy that didn’t give two flying f bombs about soccer. For years I’d hear about it’s revival in America, the resurgence of this amazing sport, being embraced by anyone and everyone alike. But nothing ever happened. The MLS helped no one except retired pro’s from Europe.

And then something happened…. I played Fifa 10 for PS3. It seemed as though God managed to take time from granting athletes and rappers special skills to design a video game that captured everything that was good and great about soccer. I became addicted. I played night and day for hours on end, and still do. I went from pretty much only watching the World Cup Finals match with much disinterest, to watching Premiere League matches every Wednesday on ESPN2.

Did I sink to a new low or new high? Who knows, all I know is that soccer has slowly creeped into my pallet of sports to become obsessed with. I can now act like an arrogant piece of Euro trash because I consider myself slightly cultured, and will finally be accepted at Home Grown. I may even buy a soccer jersey. GO CRAZY!

So, bask, my friends, bask in the talent that is Didier Drogba. This highlight came last week :

That’s right. Camm owwn. Camm owwn then. Right-o.

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