University of Delaware Hits Texas

Tonight, if you didn’t know, is the NCAA Division I Football Championship game, and the U of D, good ol’ Delaware, is on the verge of taking that title home. The Delaware Blue Hens enter as the No.3 seed with a (12-2) record, and face the terribly bad, simply overrated, Eastern Washington (12-2.) (cue the boos)

As coach K.C. Keeler stated, “The hay is in the barn, we’ve prepared well, and we are expecting to play well.”  Let’s hope for U of D’s sake, that the hay, is in fact, in the barn.

I’m stuck at work until 9, which means that I’m going to have to catch 90% of the game on a little 13″ at my other job.  What’s that you ask?  I actually have to have a second job?  Yea, believe it or not, doesn’t pay as well as I’d like.

Some of my friends actually ventured all the way down to Frisco, Texas to catch the action firsthand.  Hopefully pictures will be posted shortly.  GO BLUE HENS!

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