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The NL East, The Big East, and Dan LeBatard Eats

Welcome back, boys and girls. It’s been a pretty amazing week. The Phillies clinched the NL East with a win over the Cardinals on Saturday. Chase Utley’s barehanded grab to make the last out was symbolic of our entire season. We could do things the more traditional way, but instead, we’ll just make it look easy. Get your cameras ready, we’re making a highlight reel. College football is changing. Smaller schools and smaller conferences are starting to get bullied around by the bigger fish in the pond. The ACC is starting to make moves that strangely look like they…

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University of Delaware Hits Texas

Tonight, if you didn’t know, is the NCAA Division I Football Championship game, and the U of D, good ol’ Delaware, is on the verge of taking that title home. The Delaware Blue Hens enter as the No.3 seed with a (12-2) record, and face the terribly bad, simply overrated, Eastern Washington (12-2.) (cue the boos) As coach K.C. Keeler stated, “The hay is in the barn, we’ve prepared well, and we are expecting to play well.” ┬áLet’s hope for U of D’s sake, that the hay, is in fact, in the barn. I’m stuck at work until 9,…

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