The Fantasy Recap : Learn From Our Mistakes

After a Tuesday night debacle with the Eagles, most people’s fantasy leagues are over. The champions have been crowned, and my fantasy play off runs have come to an end. Funny enough, Adam and I both ran leagues this year, and we took first place in opposite ones. It was my first championship victory in 4 years of fantasy football. This was Adam’s 2nd year in a row in my league. What can I say? If that isn’t a staple of sports blog credibility, then I don’t know what is.

First the recap of “Carlos Ruiz los loco” in Adam’s league as I have an amazing 11-2 season :

Pretty dominating I must admit. Aaron Rodgers, Philip Rivers, Jon Kitna. Yes please.

Adam’s slow start but dominating finish down the stretch. He did the exact same thing last year. You’ll have to ask him but I think he started out 0-4 last year, and went on to win it. The man is good at adapting.

Then of course, there was the BIG BIG money championship league, where I was in the finals and couldn’t have crashed and burned more horrifically:

The guy goes out and grabs Arizona’s DEF right before the game, on a hunch? Kitna get’s sacked 4 times, throws 2 picks in the 1st ten minutes, and is pulled from the game. How the hell can you foresee Arizona’s D picking apart them that bad?? I should have known better. Here I am letting my fantasy destiny rely on a man that not only plays for one of the most despised teams in the NFL for me, but a man who also led the Detroit Lions to the worst season in NFL history. I learned my lesson.

Naturally, sitting on my bench is Dwayne Bowe who caught what I think to be 160 yrds and a TD. 28pts or so. Dexter McCluster, on the bench, 18pts. Something urged me to sit Reggie Wayne and start Bowe, but I thought “stick with the most reliable solid guys.”

Living with Adam for a year has made me know one thing : The Raiders Nation. I would never know about a guy like Nnamdi Asomugha unless Adam brought him up and mentioned how little coverage a player like that gets, because… well…. let’s face it the man get’s absolutely no recognition in the sports media. I had to Google his name just to write this. I kept saying to myself, even though a sick cornerback like this will most likely shut down Reggie Wayne, Peyton Manning is going to have to throw to somebody, and Austin Collie is out. I had Tamme and Wayne, and I started both, like a retard.

Knowshown Moreno was injured, I put him on my bench. Larod Stephen-Howlings, which if you get return yards you know about this guy, was injured, on the bench. And don’t even get me started on Chris Johnson. Damn I cursed him last week. Such an unreliable back. 58 yards? FIFTY EIGHT?? What was that 2500 yard record you were going for? Is that next year? Oh that’s right, that’s next year.

Ah fantasy football…. you are a harsh lover. Still came up 2nd in the big money league, +$100. I’ll take it. Although there was no official buy in for Adam’s league, he is getting $100 in mine, so the way I see it some sort of consolation brunch is in order. Perhaps a Denny’s grand slam.

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