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We’ve Got the Coolest Fantasy (and Weddings) Around

First, I gotta talk about this guy. Way to be, fellah. If you didn’t see it, my man in the Phillies jersey over here decided to lean over the railing to catch what was going to be Hunter Pence’s double. Marlin’s outfielder Bryan Petersen complained that it interfered with his catch (which it did) and the umpires got together to review the play. All the while, our friend in the stands sits on his cell phone, radiating with glee because of the amazing event that just happened to him! He couldn’t have had a bigger smile. Does he not…

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The Fantasy Recap : Learn From Our Mistakes

After a Tuesday night debacle with the Eagles, most people’s fantasy leagues are over. The champions have been crowned, and my fantasy play off runs have come to an end. Funny enough, Adam and I both ran leagues this year, and we took first place in opposite ones. It was my first championship victory in 4 years of fantasy football. This was Adam’s 2nd year in a row in my league. What can I say? If that isn’t a staple of sports blog credibility, then I don’t know what is. First the recap of “Carlos Ruiz los loco” in…

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