Reverse Jinx FAIL

1.) If you didn’t already figure it out, I was hoping that yesterday’s post would prove to be enough of a reverse jinx to prevent the Heat from winning the title (sort of like what happened to the Wolfman in fantasy football). But alas, that was not the case.

Lebron proved to much for the Thunder, and the geek finally got his championship.


Once again, we must be reminded of the harsh lesson learned from the soused mind of Don Draper: “The universe is indifferent.”


2.) I skimmed Bill Simmons column yesterday and in it he left this doozy of a quote, “I don’t care how much you hated ‘The Decision’ — if you can’t appreciate what LeBron James is doing right now, you need to start following another sport.”

Noted. I don’t appreciate it. I don’t appreciate Lebron. So that means I can’t follow the NBA any more. Makes sense. And that’s why it’s trouble for the NBA. Because a lot of people hate Lebron, and now that he has his ring, to quote Draper again, “The haters are indifferent.”

3.) Speaking of the universe being indifferent, our good pal Liam Neeson is coming out with another doozy of a movie, and by doozy, I mean, didn’t this guy used to be a legitimate actor?

This summer he is starring in Taken: 2! I am not kidding. They take his goldfish. Just kidding. It’s his wife.

It seems that the terrorists (and I am just assuming that they are terrorists cause I never actually saw Taken: 1 but I can guaran-damn-tee that is/was awful), have “taken” (get it) his wife this time. At one point in the trailer, Neeson is talking on the phone, explaining to his daughter that the mother has been taken and a guy is standing there pointing a gun at his face. WHY, WHY in the mother flipping world, would the guy not just shoot Neeson in the face then and there? Haven’t they learned ANYTHING from Taken: 1?

Stupid. Neeson, you are really pushing it.


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  • Go see Taken 1

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