Peyton Manning Ends up a Bronco, Del Donne a Phenom

After all the woo, all the hype, Peyton Manning has decided to end up in Denver for, most likely, the rest of his career. I guess John Elway did it for him, because I have to think that the receivers didn’t. Who on Earth is Peyton Manning going to throw to? Eric Decker??

Note to self : Draft Eric Decker in first round, win entire Fantasy Championship.

I’m not sure why he chose Denver of all places, but the real question is: What is going to happen to poor Tebow? Poooooooor Tebow! Let the scrutiny and speculation begin. I’ll get us started. Reports are that Denver is already looking to trade him (which makes perfect sense) but where could he go? There aren’t too many places that would accommodate such a high-profile, low-talent athlete such as Tebow. I would have to think that Jacksonville or Miami would be at the top of that list.

They are both close to where he was adored, they both could use a quarterback, and they both could use a bump in regards to interest and fan attendance. Maybe he’ll end up where everyone goes to die, Buffalo.

While I was frantically searching ESPN for ManningGATE news, I was stunned to see that Delaware’s womens basketball team had made FRONT HEADLINES. Epic.

Elena Dell Donne has officially put Delaware on the map this year with her ridiculous stat lines. It’s awesome to see the coverage she is getting. There’s basically one thing that’s standing in the way of Delaware advancing really far into the NCAAW’s tournament.

This… beast of a thing, Brittney Griner. For the past 2 years she has dominated women’s college basketball, whether it be averaging a bazillion blocked shots a game or punching someone from the other team in the face. She has it all. I look at Delaware’s potential upcoming schedule, and the road to the championship game goes straight through her team, Baylor. Nuts.

It would be interesting to see the two incredibly dominant athletes go at it, but I have a feeling that Baylor (ranked #1 in the country) is just a weeeeee bit more well-rounded than Delaware. Why can’t they be in the South region or something?? God damnit.

Also, can I say that Del Donne is kind of hot, too? Is that so wrong? I mean, if I had to pick between Brittney Griner and Del Donne….

ALSO, did you know that ESPN had ESPN-W? I’m not bringing this up because I’m sexist or don’t appreciate women’s sports or anything. I’m mentioning it because I had no idea this existed which I would attest to ESPN’s overall lack of promotion. I’ve never seen a commercial or plug on television…. ever. Christ, they ran ESPN Deportes like everyday for a year straight when it first started.

Normally, this is the time where I trash-talk the Sixers a bit, but, in spite of their loss to the Bulls (without Derrick Rose), I have to say that Friday’s game against the Heat was actually pleasing. The first half, we shot 11-44 and were down 27. It looked atrocious. The second half, we held their offense to a mere 27 points. We still lost, yes, lol, but that’s not the point. We came back from a 27-point deficit and had a pretty decent chance to win the game. We dictated the entire second half, something we haven’t done with the Heat the entire season. Despite the outcome, the play was actually encouraging.

We have the Bobcats tonight (a gimme) and then the Knicks and Celtics later this week. All 3 of those games could easily be wins.


  • ….lord I hope not lol

  • What a crazy photo! Is she standing on the ground? Jeeze.

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