It’s Hard Keeping These Gators Down, Woooooooo!

Monte Ellis stats from last night – 48 points, 7 assists. The outcome of the game? They lost. Maybe it’s because they were playing the super-hot Thunder, but I’ll still bet some (probably most) of that lies on their poor defense. I remember the buzz around trading Andre Iguodala for him before the season, and now, I have to admit I’m glad we didn’t.

Dre’ hasn’t been a total bust. He’s played hurt. He’s played consistent. He’s played great defense. That’s really the staple of his entire career. He’s an average offensive player, with some truly talented athletic ability, that serves as a great defensive player. He annoys the hell out of every other teams’ star, and for that, I’m glad we’ve kept him. Iggy will never be the superstar we hoped he’d be, but if he gets Carmelo Anthony T’d up every time we play the Knicks, I’ll be fine. His job against Kobe was incredible.

We’ve already covered the SuperBowl, and it seems like light years in the past, but I just wanted to vent about a few things.

1) I’m completely unsatisfied with the result. New York gets to have everything. I’m already into hockey and basketball now anyway, so football is taking a back seat. Ya lost me at fantasy, Mr. Goodell.

2) Ignorant sports analysts said that M.I.A. gave the finger at the SuperBowl to become famous. Newsflash fellas, she is pretty famous, you guys are just old. Either way, I’m terribly conflicted about this action. She’s on a song with Madonna, doing the most commercial thing an artist could do: rep the SuperBowl. So was this a form of protest? Is that just what super hot Sri Lanken Tamilian goddesses do? Again, I’m vexed.

3) Adam said Madonna’s performance was pretty bad. I thought she seemed limber enough for a fifty year old woman, and my imagination certainly thought so, as well.

4) I remember listening to LMFAO in 2009 and being pleasantly surprised that their album was pretty good. I’ll even go as far as to say their newer album is good, too. But careful gentlemen, you are tip-toeing your way into the all too common “douchebaggery overexposure blacklist.” America can only take so much douche at once.

I finally listened to Killer Mike’s PL3DGE album. I’m surprised to see him so political. It’s worth a listen. Either way, he has a track titled “Ric Flair” on the album (who seems to be the idol of all rappers these days) and quotes from the veteran wrestler are voiced over breaks in the instrumental. Hilarity. Pure hilarity. Ric Flair was a rapper before there was rappers. Quotes like, “You don’t like the the prestige that I have in life. You don’t like the notoriety. You detest the fact that I got more cars than most of you have friends! I got a big house, on the big side of town … I got life pretty much the way I want it!” Haha, well said Mr. Flair. One thing struck me, though.

One of his quotes says, “Ric Flair! There’s only one. And I don’t care if it’s Tokyo, Japan; Greensboro; Richmond; Charlotte, North Carolina; Asheville; Atlanta, Georgia; Charlotte; L.A. … I’m the man that’s makin’ it possible!” Woah, woah, Ric. You go from Tokyo to Greensboro?? My man, Ric Flair, goes from one of the largest cities in the world to several southern redneck towns in North Carolina (no offense Petie.) If that doesn’t speak magnitudes of Ric Flair’s (and the WWF’s) actual world experience at the time… I don’t know what does. Still baller. Whatever you do, though, do NOT Google images of Ric Flair. It ruins all the imagination.

Philadelphia’s own Ric Flair, Pat Burrell, retired this off-season. I’ve admitted several times that I didn’t start truly becoming a passionate fan of Philly baseball until April of 2007, the first time I saw them live. During that period, Burrell was hated. I mean HATED. My first memorable experience was sitting in left field, watching a routine pop fly get dropped, and then joining the onslaught of boos towards The Bat. He probably didn’t lose an ounce of sleep for those. That’s just who he was. What he did embrace, which I could support, was the destruction of the Mets. They haven’t been the same since 2007, and coincidentally Burrell had his best year against them. Burrell hit 42 total homers against the Mets, and that, I can applaud.

Whether you believe the rumors or not, loved him or hated him, Pat Burrell was a big part of the 2008 World Series season, and I kinda miss him. I can’t believe that asshole has 2 rings, though.

We’re almost through the daunting stretch of games, and I have to admit, I’m more than elated by the outcome for the Sixers. A win over the Magic, the Bulls, the Hawks, and the Lakers, with 1 loss to the Heat? I’ll take it. If it was the other way around, though, I’d take that, too. Beating L.A. was satisfying, but they clearly aren’t the same team. Kobe has 95% of the workload and their bench is garbage. The Heat reside as king of the hill right now, and that’s who I want.

But, we’re splitting hairs here. It’s still a great accomplishment, and honestly, it’s great that we’re not peaking this early in the season. Aside from the Lakers game having last minute theatrics, most of those games were the Sixers just doing what they normally do. Playing great defense, wearing them down, and grinding out a win. It’s a great formula for a winning season, and it isn’t putting too much stress on any one player. Save the fancy stuff for the playoffs.

Tonight, the Sixers take on the Spurs. Tip-off is at 7:00. My prediction : Sixers 93, Spurs 87.


  • Hold on, Jack–you say, ” Madonna was pretty limber for a 50 year old”. 50 is not old-believe me, I know— and Madonna has always been “limber”- I am sure she is in better shape than you are. I wish I were as “limber” as she is.
    I was disappointed with Madonna’s show, since it was so slow, and not like her normal self, but I attributed that to those ridiculous heels she had on. I like Madonna, but she was there to showcase her new album coming out in March. She said she didn’t want to be paid, but I hope she got paid and gave it all to charity. It was , all in all, a lame half-time show.

  • “Newsflash fellas, she is pretty famous, you guys are just old.” – Well said Randy. Pat Burrell may be retiring, but I hear his alter ego “the machine” is getting a sitcom on FOX right after New Girl.

  • That Ric Flair tracks seems reminiscent in lyrics to that of that horrible “I wanna be a rockstar” track by Nickleback. Augh!

  • “My man, Ric Flair, goes from one of the largest cities in the world to several southern redneck towns in North Carolina”

    Asheville (home to my UNCA Bulldogs, currently atop the Big South Conference in Men’s B-Ball) is NOT a redneck town! Haha, other than that, good stuff!

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