Iguodala to Denver, Sixers Get Andrew Bynum & Jason Richardson

Dwight Howard gets sent to the Lakers

Woah. This is an absolutely insane NBA trade. Late Thursday night, the Denver Nuggets, the LA Lakers, the Philadelphia 76ers, and the Orlando Magic agreed to a four-team trade that involved multiple players. The most notable was Dwight Howard being traded from the Orlando Magic to the Los Angeles Lakers. The second most notable trade was definitely the 76ers acquiring Andrew Bynum and Jason Richardson for Andre Iguodala.

The 76ers have been drafting nothing but small forwards, so to imagine that we’ve somehow landed the second best center in the NBA is probably a dream come true. Nikola Vucevic, who acted as a small fan favorite during the middle of last season, was included in the deal and was sent to Orlando Magic. It is most likely (chuckle) that Spencer Hawes will be playing back up to Bynum this upcoming season.

Andre Iguodala, who, although incredibly overpaid, has been a great asset to the Sixers the past 6 years and is now a Denver Nugget. Iguodala was never well accepted in his tenure for the Sixers, but I for one, will be sad to see him go. His contributions to the development of Jrue Holiday, Thaddeus Young, and Evan Turner will present itself in the upcoming seasons more and more.

The 2010 76ers roster is almost all but gone. The high-paying contracts of Elton Brand and Andre Iguodala no longer loom over the team. Lou Williams opted to look elsewhere. I’m very curious to see what the 2012-13 Philadelphia 76ers look like.

Jason Richardson, to me, doesn’t really bring much to the table in regards to an outside perimeter shooter. We have plenty of those. Having another bench player to spread the court certainly doesn’t hurt, though. Evan Turner should really come into his prime this season as well.

So long Andre Iguodala. I had some great times hearing Matt Cord scream your name throughout the Wells Fargo Arena.

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