Hell, Let’s Make Some Picks!

I’ll admit, I’ve been off my game lately. I hadn’t made any NFL predictions since Week 9. Things have been hectic, so forgive me for not guiding your betting patterns for a few weeks. But, just as people feel towards McDonald’s hamburgers, you’ll love me, then hate me, then forgive me right back into your life at an inopportune time.

Let’s get to the FAT!

Cincinnati -4.5 @ Philadelphia – The Eagles are the only team I know that can mess up losing. The idea, at this point, is to lose out for a better draft pick. The coaching staff is getting gutted, Michael Vick is out, just lose for God’s sake! Cincinnati still has playoff hopes, albeit small, but I suspect them to play with some luster today. Bengals -4.5

Green Bay -3 @ Chicago – The Bears were cruising into the playoffs but have been on a bumpy road as of late. Green Bay is hitting their stride and has a chance to close out any division hopes for Chicago. Packers -3.

New York Giants -1 @ Atlanta – The Falcons have gotten absolutely no love despite their 11-2 record. There’s a reason for that. Giants -1.

Tampa Bay +3.5 @ New Orleans – Who knows what you’re going to get with the Bucs. Some weeks they are good, some weeks they are not. This is a game I’d probably avoid, but I’d take the rising Saints -3.5.

Minnesota +1.5 @ St. Louis – The Vikings have been surprisingly consistent throughout the year. Not anything incredible, but consistent enough to have an above .500 record. The Rams, believe it or not, are 6-6, too. I’m looking at the Rams allowing an average of 110.3 rushing yards per game as the difference, though. Vikings +1.5

Washington -1 @ Cleveland – Latest I’ve heard is that the almighty RG3 will be present for this game. The Redskins have playoffs hopes which will drive their play, although I believe they will ultimately not make the post-season. Browns have won 3 in a row, btw. Worth noting. Also worth noting is they went from 2-8 to 5-8. Redskins -1.

Jacksonville +7 @ Miami – Yawwwwwwn. Jaguars +7. Whatever.

Denver -2.5 @ Baltimore – The Ravens had quite a reality check last week when their secondary was picked apart by 2 rookies. What’s even worse is the fact that they just fired their offensive coordinator and have someone who’s never held the position filling it on Sunday. Broncos -2.5.

Indianapolis +9.5 @ Houston – This is such a weird line. The 9-4 Colts are this big of an underdog to a team that just got destroyed the week prior by New England? The Colts have won 7 of 8, and this is a huge division game, with possible postseason implementations. Gotta go Colts +9.5.

Carolina +3 @ San Diego – Two terribly under-achieving teams that both won last week with huge upsets over flagship teams this season. This is a weird one, but the Chargers live and die with Phillip Rivers. He has been better as of late, and the Panthers secondary is pretty bad, so I’ll go Chargers -3.

Seattle -5 @ Buffalo – West coast team going East. They are way more talented than the Bills, and although the Buffalo offense has kept them close in a lot of games, the Seattle defense is too much for them to conquer. Seahawks -5.

Detroit -6 @ Arizona – This is where teams go to die. Detroit just has too much talent to get caught up losing to a struggling Cardinals team. Their offensive line is beat up, their quarterbacks are beat up, and they have no running game. Lions -6.

Pittsburgh -1 @ Dallas – Both teams sit at 7-6 right now, and a victory here could mean huge things for either team. Pittsburgh has a tendency to perform when the pressure is on. Dallas has a tendency to crumble to pieces when the pressure is on. Steelers -1.

Kansas City +3 @ Oakland – The over/under on this game is 44. Hmmmmm, can I take the under please? Going against my gut here, Raiders -3.

San Francisco +5 @ New England – I think this west coast Niner team is going to have trouble going into New England. The Pats are probably the hottest team in the league right now. Plus I am not a fan of the Kaepernick/Smith switch. I hope that comes back to bite them. Pats -5.

New York Jets +1 @ Tennessee – Let’s just make this clear… the Jets have zero chance of making the playoffs. Mark Sanchez throws 8 picks. Jets +1.

Til next week suckers!

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