Happy Headrush 4th of July!

Yea!  It’s that time of the year again, time to pack up the old Suby and hit the slower lower for some BBQ, beaches and pine cone baseball!  If you don’t know what pine cone baseball is, then I don’t know what to tell you. On to the thoughts!

1.) I read an article in Details magazine titled “Shia LeBeouf: Hollywood’s Last Badboy.”  That title is kind of like saying, “The Sun: The Galaxy’s Last Moon.”  What is badass about LeBeouf you ask?  Well, he is happy to tell you!  Apparently, he went to Taco Bell (or some other place, I’m not reading the article again to confirm) with Megan Fox and the guy behind the counter said something mean to her and so he hopped the counter and commenced to wail on the guy.  Now, I don’t know what Shia LeBeouf “wailing” on a Taco Bell employee looks like, but I imagine it’s lots of pushing, open handed slaps and Cinnamon Twists to the eyes.

LeBeouf also once took a paparazzi’s camera equipment and held it inside his house until the cops came and then he gave it to them.  BAD! ASS! Holy shit that is such a hardcore story, I dunno if I can take anymore.  Oh, and then he said that he and actor Tom Hardy (the cool guy from “Inception”) got into a fight backstage or something after Hardy teased him, and from that point on, Hardy knew not to mess with LeBeouf.  Good stuff.

He also drinks and skate boards and smokes and spits.  So bad ass.

2.) Is anyone else worried that Domonic Brown talks in the third person?  “Not hustling, not running balls out, that’s just not Domonic Brown.”  Ugh!  Also, how come every time I bench this fool on my fantasy team in favor of the Rockie’s Seth Smith, Smith goes 0-4 and Brown hits two homeruns?  WHY!  (Sidenote: The Wolfman is up by 21.5 games in one league I am in.  21.5!  That is insanity.)

3.) Yesterday I took a trip to Best Buy and they had a bin of movies for 4.99 (or maybe 3.99) and one of them was three movies in one: Ernest Goes to Jail, Ernest Scared Stupid and Ernest Goes to Camp.  Naturally, I picked that up (along with Jerry McGuire and Cast Away) only to think about it and decide that I didn’t REALLY need those movies.

I am regretting that decision.

4.) Anyone else find it odd that the only black character in Wedding Crashers is a servant who speaks in an odd Jamaican accent?  I really think that he is the ONLY black character in the whole movie, including extras.  How did they get away with that? By the way, the actor who plays the butler is named Ron Canada.  How great of a name is that?  It’s not quite Wings Hauser or Treat Williams, but it’s close.

5.) CM Punk’s promo on Monday Night was pure gold.  Holy crap, that thing was a classic.  I’m very interested to see where the WWE goes from here.

6.) Did you know that after racking up SIXTY BILLION DOLLARS worth of debt and having to be bailed out by the government and the American taxpayers, AIG announced that they were giving out $165 MILLION DOLLARS in executive bonuses?  Hahahahahaha holy shit!  Doesn’t that just make you freaking so angry?  How EVIL is that? I can picture the board room now:

“Well, we did just lose SIXTY BILLION DOLLARS and have to be bailed out by the government and the American people…you know what? I think we deserve some bonuses!”

And we wonder why we are having economic troubles.

What a joke.  If you want a good read on the ineptitude of companies like AIG, I suggest you read Michael Lewis’ “The Big Short” which focuses on the sub-prime mortgage and credit default swap fiasco.

On that joyful note:

Have a happy 4th of July everyone!

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