Back On The Magic Johnson Hate Train

A few nights a week, I actually have some time to myself to sit and enjoy the Phillies game, read some sports blogs, and read some Tweets. If you don’t already know, I loathe Magic Johnson. I hate how everyone sucks up to him. I hate his analysis of basketball. I really hate his Tweets.

It’s usually just some all-too-obvious critiques, so you can imagine the onslaught from last night’s blowout by the Spurs.

For example:

Really? Ya don’t say. Usually when a team wins by 36 points they tend to have both sides of the ball locked up. Thanks for pointing this out a full day after the game.

Not so surprising, if you read EVERY response to that particular Tweet, they are filled with about the same hate and animosity that I feel.

The real question is: If I hate this man so much… why do I follow him on Twitter?

I don’t know Head Rush fans…. I truly don’t know…

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