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Back On The Magic Johnson Hate Train

A few nights a week, I actually have some time to myself to sit and enjoy the Phillies game, read some sports blogs, and read some Tweets. If you don’t already know, I loathe Magic Johnson. I hate how everyone sucks up to him. I hate his analysis of basketball. I really hate his Tweets. It’s usually just some all-too-obvious critiques, so you can imagine the onslaught from last night’s blowout by the Spurs. For example: The Spurs were dominant against the Heat on both offense and defense in Game 3. #NBAFinals — Earvin Magic Johnson (@MagicJohnson) June 13,…

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Magic Johnson is Shrek; Pryor Skips Senior Season

Can you hear that chewing noise? That’s me, eating my words from last week. The Dallas/Heat series is tied up, and every game has been remarkably close. I’m still sticking to my guns in regards to the Heat winning the NBA Finals, but maybe this will carry to game 7 and actually be a good series. Sometimes I forget that David Stern cares about revenue, and more games = more ad revenue. I can’t even break this series down very well because both teams are shooting poorly. It’s low scoring, smothering defense that’s taking the forefront of play, and…

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