All-Star Weekend Yippiee!!!!

It’s summer time folks. Officially. There’s something very pleasant about the MLB All-Star Weekend. It usually means I’ve been to the beach several times already and my body is so sun-burnt that wearing T-shirts have become nearly impossible.

There’s just something really awesome about the All-Star week for baseball that blows the other All-Star weekends for sports out of the water. The NBA? Yea, half the athletes don’t want to be there and the dunk contest has a bunch of no-names. The celebrity game usually makes for a good hour of TV, but aside from that, it’s a snore fest. The NHL? To be honest, I don’t even know what happens there. The NFL? They could quite possibly be the worst of them all.

Baseball, however, still has a great amount of integrity and honor in their All-Star festivities. It’s a family-friendly series that still has some implications down the line for the rest of the season and every baseball player wants to be there. Rarely do you see someone dropping out. You want to see it because they want to be there.

The biggest draw for me has always been the Home Run Derby. It’s relaxing, eventful, and I even had a chance to go there but had to pass unfortunately. Here’s the list and who I think is going to win…

Mark Trumbo
Home Runs Jacked: 2

At first I thought this was Mike Trout, the rookie who’s having and incredible season. I don’t doubt Trumbo is good, I just don’t see him going into the second round.
Matt Kemp
Home Runs Jacked: 4

Man, it was hard finding pictures of this guy without Rihanna next to him. He’s coming off an injury so I have to think he’s going to have a hard time finding his groove. Good for him for finding Rihanna’s groove though (HIYOOO!)
Carlos Gonzalez
Home Runs Jacked: 5

Cargo had a hard time making it into the second round last year. Hitting homeruns in Denver and hitting homeruns in Kansas City are two different monsters.
Jose Bautista
Home Runs Jacked: 12

Now onto the big boys. Joey Bats is a home-run monster, but he never does well in the derby either. He didn’t make it to round two last year, but I think he’ll be a bit more comfortable this year.
Robinson Cano
Home Runs Jacked: 15

Last year’s winner always has a great chance. Lefties always do great as well. I dunno, if his dad pitches to him again, he’ll probably have a zillion, I just think his power numbers have been down and I want someone else to win.
Carlos Beltran
Home Runs Jacked: 22

Beltran is having an incredible season this year. He’s a seasoned vet. I think he’s comfortable enough to make it well into round 2 and surprise some people.
Prince Fielder
Home Runs Jacked: 28

Prince loves this kind of stuff. He’ll have his kids with him, some spinach (or some vegetarian power on tap), and he’ll be crushing homers. Again, lefties always do well, and he’s got a good rhythm for this kind of event.
Giancarlos Stanton
Home Runs Jacked: 36

I dunno why, I just have a feeling this kid is on the verge of his prime. He has monster power numbers, a good attitude, and he changed his name this off-season. Formerly Mike Stanton, Giancarlos has been killing it for Miami. Can’t hate on a name like Giancarlos. I hope he has a great derby simply because I want announcers to have to say his name repeatedly.

Happy 4th of July folks!

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