$80 Paper Weight Now Available!

b39189b614964994815fd342815596e9_820x820A Year of Grantland: Issues 1-4 is now available at the bargain price of only $80!  Can you believe it?  I thought it’d be well into the thousands, but no, for only a mere $80, you can get stale pop culture references that you won’t understand and overrated articles from the likes of Chuck Klosterman.

Remember how much fun it was to talk about the NBA lockout? Neither do I! But now you’ll get to relieve that thrilling bit of history for only $80!

Now, granted, you could probably just google “NBA Lockout Grantland” and read about it FOR FREE from their FREE WEBSITE but why bother to do that when you can pay actual money for it?

It also comes with an exclusive DVD so you can watch Bill Simmons interview Arnold Schwarzenegger! Hooray!

Seriously though. This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen. Please do not buy this piece of garbage.

Now, for those of you looking to buy an actual book for a loved one for the holidays, may I suggest that you purchase “A Year of theHeadrush: the Complete Unabridged Works.” Check back in tomorrow when we will be selling this incredible piece of literary history for a mere $79. Why pay $80 when you can pay $79? It is WELL  worth the price. Trust me.


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