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$80 Paper Weight Now Available!

A Year of Grantland: Issues 1-4 is now available at the bargain price of only $80!  Can you believe it?  I thought it’d be well into the thousands, but no, for only a mere $80, you can get stale pop culture references that you won’t understand and overrated articles from the likes of Chuck Klosterman. Remember how much fun it was to talk about the NBA lockout? Neither do I! But now you’ll get to relieve that thrilling bit of history for only $80! Now, granted, you could probably just google “NBA Lockout Grantland” and read about it FOR…

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Stick to What you Know

“You can see through this stuff sometimes, and you know Al Davis just died, obviously had a great career and did a lot of good things but it seems when people die sometimes, the narrative…you know ‘They’re doing this for Al Davis’ and all that, and in this case, I really doubt the Raiders had that much of a connection with Al Davis” –Bill Simmons, B.S. Report 10/14 with Al Michaels. “He used to come out to practices and say hi,” Boyd said. “I came in as a free agent, so I didn’t think he knew everything about me,…

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Don’t Tug on Superman’s Cape

1.) Grantland, it’s bad enough that all you turned out to be is a massive disappointment, churning out articles that read like a “try to write like Bill Simmons” contest, but now you’re going after the Phillies, and more specifically, Ryan Howard. In his article “Father Time and the Philadelphia Phillies,” Rany Jazayerli takes on the Phillies and how they are old and won’t be good in the not so distant future. A few points about this article: He writes: “We’re almost halfway through this column and I haven’t mentioned a hitter yet. There’s a reason for that —…

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