25 of You Ain’t Coming Back!

1.) Stef and I watched the Oscar Red Carpet last Sunday and instantly witnessed a classic Oscar moment. No, I am not talking about Ali G pouring ashes all over Ryan Seacrest, I am talking about Viola Davis showing up to the Red Carpet with Mr. Payne, the teacher from Dazed and Confused!

Mr. Payne, whose real name is Julius Tennon, is married to Davis and I couldn’t believe how crazy it was to see him standing next to Ryan Seacrest.  I kept waiting for him to take the mic from Seacrest and say, “Ryan, it’s like our Sergeant told us before one trip into the jungle. MEN! 50 of you are leaving on a mission, 25 of you AIN’T COMING BACK!”

Sadly…that did not happen. He just seemed like a nice guy thrilled for his wife to be nominated. Unfortunately, she was going up against Meryl Streep, and did not get the Oscar.

By the way, a loyal reader submitted the drawing to the right, and I must say, GREAT WORK! I love how Ryan Seacrest cowers in it. The artist wished to remain nameless, however, so I will just refer to him as “The Benefactor.”

2.) So the Rock returned to the WWE on Monday and man…it was pretty bad. Not only did he keep referring to himself as “Dwayne Johnson” but he also made a reference to Twitter.  Goodness. Give up the Twitter stuff, Rock.

If that wasn’t enough, Cena came out and totally HOUSED him.  Let me repeat that, John Cena defeated the Rock on the mic.  That just should not happen.

However, I do think that this is all just a clever ruse of the WWE trying to make it so people don’t just totally cheer for the Rock at Wrestlemania.  But did they forget that Wrestlemania is in Miami?  The Rock’s hometown?  Nobody is going to be cheering for Cena that night. Honestly, the Rock’s return has been such a let down.  Maybe he just should’ve stayed away.

Jericho and CM Punk had an INCREDIBLE confrontation to start off Raw, and there is no doubt in my mind that Jericho/CM Punk is going to steal the show at Wrestlemania.

3.) I really enjoyed the Grantland article focusing on the Pacers/Pistons brawl from 2004. I remember that game vividly because me, NT and my dad were in Oakland to see a Raiders game when it all went down. And it was Pandemonium! But that wasn’t the craziest part of the night.  The craziest part of the night came when we were watching a college football game (I wanna say it involved Florida) and we all had this exchange that will forever live in Thomas Family folklore:

Me (sitting in a chair, wired from being in Oakland, having drank a White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks earlier in the day, and totally awake): Man, you know what play they never run anymore? The Statue of Liberty! Dad, why don’t they run the Statue of Liberty play anymore?

Dad (95% asleep and dead tired from the plane flight, is lying on the bed and says nothing)

Me: Dad, why don’t they run it?

Dad: (Silence)

Me: Dad, why don’t they run the play?

Dad: (Silence)


NT: (sitting on the edge of the other bed watching the TV, finally fed up with me pestering Big Neil) Maybe BECAUSE IT SUCKS!

Haha, oh man, that is a lot funnier if you were there. Sorry for wasting your time.

BUT I must say that I was completely vindicated three years later when Boise State ran THE STATUE OF LIBERTY to beat Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl.  So BOOOOM!

4.) We finally got completely moved into our new house and let me just say one thing: Moving sucks. Moving also makes you aware of all the needless crap that you own. Like a brown fleece jacket that you never wear…BUT YOU MIGHT so you shove it in a box. No more moving for me, please.

Man, that’s all I got, I think I used up all my words on yesterdays soccer game breakdown.  Have a good weekend everybody!

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