2011 All-Star Weekend! Bring on the Stars!!

Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat’s right. The NBA season is almost halfway over, and that means that every professional NBA player gets to take a break from their extremely difficult job of playing basketball for about 10-20 minutes on average three times a week. Strenuous right? We should give them awards!

There’s talk of the Dunk Contest being pulled in upcoming All-Star Breaks simply because no one wants to compete anymore. To be honest I really can’t understand why. You look like a bad ass, there’s very little physical risk (right?) I don’t see the downside, but every year it seems that the only willing participants are rookies and 2nd-year sophomores that haven’t yet learned that you apparently don’t participate in free events. Thank god for Blake Griffin!

So, what’s in store for you fans?

Well, Friday is the annual Celebrity All-Star Game. This is boatloads of fun. This is where athletes from other sports come in and play, making basketball look like an incredibly easy sport to transition to, and where celebrities we often don’t expect to ball, in fact, ball their ass off. This year’s headliner? Justin Bieber! Yippiee!! I often spend nights dreaming of his ball skills….

Most of the other celebs involve former NBA legends (bleh) and some Kardashians (swell) so it’s definitely not as amazing as years prior. Where’s my Terrell Owens? Where’s my Mark Cubans? Oh wait… on second look, Jason Alexander and Common are playing!! That should be pretty sweet!

Saturday gets even better. Around 5 ET there’s the D-League All-Star Game (EPIC) which allows you to see the best of the ok. Once you’re through with that, it’s on to the Taco Bell, TNT, Sprite, Foot Locker, All Star Contests!! The 3-point shooting contest (yawn) and youth skills challenge (double yawn) followed by the world renown DUNK CONTEST!! Oh yea baby!! BIG BLAKE GRIFFIN!!! That man is nasty. Like, for real, he looks like a damn Proactive commercial, but he can still dunk like a bat out of hell!! Who else is in the dunk contest you ask? I don’t know, and I don’t want to know. Because they aren’t going to win.

Finally, to recover from that epic Slam Dunk Contest Drinking Binge, the NBA has a lineup for Sunday that will make you forget all about the fact that you were pounding back shots of Tequila while screaming that you wanted to birth Blake Griffin’s love child. Hop over to the NBA Network at 3 ET to catch the Legends Brunch where stars like Bill Russell will tell you how he likes his Eggs Benedict! I can’t imagine how that could be boring! Get your breakfast on (at a considerably late hour) and then pop back to TNT to watch the pinnacle of the weekend, the 2011 NBA All-Star Game.

Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, Dwight Howard, Ray Allen, this list goes on. Watch as these stars put on their best defensive efforts and put aside their typical aspirations of looking good while dunking or laying up. There will be NO showing out during this event. Just pure, good, fundamental basketball!

I’ve got my coffee table covered in snacks and soda… let the weekend begin!

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  • I’m quite pleased with the infromtaion in this one. TY!

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