Ya’ll Wanna Talk About Flyers Hockey??

Yep. I guess I do. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m an absolute amateur when it comes to hockey. I barely know the Flyers roster, let alone all 30 teams in the NHL. But, it’s playoff time, and some things are standing out to me that I gotta talk about.

The Flyers are down 2-0 right now to the Boston Bruins in the 2nd round of the playoffs. Yes, this is a lot like last year. We are in the same round of the playoffs, playing the exact same team, and digging ourselves almost the exact same hole as we did last year.

Analysts of hockey are claiming that the Flyers still have an almost even chance of winning this series. I suppose that last year we set such an amazing precedent that even losing all home-ice advantage in this series is not striking people as odd. This worries me.

What the Flyers accomplished last year was an amazing comeback that only occurs 5 times in a century (almost 6 with the Chicago Blackhawks this year.) But, we didn’t have home ice last year. This year we do, and we gave away 2 games already. To think that the Flyers are going to just come back from a huge deficit is naive, and I’d really appreciate it if Barry Melrose stopped jinxing us.

This goalie rotation puzzles me quite a bit too. In most sports, if you keep pulling a player (5 of 9 games) in the most important time of your season, your bench might begin to question the coach’s decisions, or the player’s heart. In hockey, it’s a little different. Goalie pulling is looking like a regular occurrence in the playoffs. Sometimes it’s Boucher (BOOOOOOOOOSSSHHH), sometimes it’s Leighton. I guess you just go with your gut pre-game, but I can’t help to think that every time one of them gets pulled, his confidence gets shot down a bit.

Flyers hit the ice tonight for game 3 against the Bruins at 7 PM ET.

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