Who Saw that Coming?

The Phillies are what we thought they were. Mediocre. It has been this way the entire first half of the season. They will go on a run, get close to or at .500 and then fall to the back of the pack only to crawl their way back to a game within .500 and then go on a losing streak.

Of course, I think Randy had a big part to play in last night’s loss (can you say….JINX!) but I don’t put the loss entirely on his shoulders. Actually, scratch that, I do. Shame on you, Randall.

With all that being said, the season ain’t over. Heck, we haven’t even reached the halfway mark, and I for one am still on this Phillies bandwagon. Unfortunately, that wagon is being driven by Ruben Amaro Jr. who drives the wagon like Dr. Gonzo running from bats.

I can’t wait until the trade deadline when he trades away Cliff Lee for middling prospects that never amount to any more than a bag of magic beans (shout out, NT). So hang on tight, Phillies fan, this bumpy ride is about to get bumpier.


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  • Well said sir. Well said. Anyone remember who we got for Shane Victorino, it was Josh Lindblom and Ethan Martin. For Hunter Pence it was Nate Schierholtz, catcher Tommy Joseph and minor league pitcher Seth Rosin. Of these Ethan Martin and Tommy Joseph seem to have a shot (a shot) at the majors – and two (Lindblom and Schierholtz) are no longer with the team.

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