What You Should Be Listening To, Right Now.

It was a good run Sixers. The season ended in dramatic fashion, and I’ll stand by my statement after Game 6 of the series, “Even if the Sixers lose, I’ll be happy with their effort, and this season.” It still holds true. Game 7 went about exactly how I predicted, but none the less, I still feel satisfied. Going toe to toe with the Boston Celtics and beating the Bulls can both be viewed as accomplishments, and should be.

With the Flyers out, the Sixers out, and the Phillies imploding, there isn’t much that I really feel like discussing today in regards to Philadelphia sports, so instead, I’ll give you some music recommendations.

Killer Mike – R.A.P. Music

Adam turned me on to this little gem. I had actually just finished up with Killer Mike’s EP ‘Pledge’ when Adam shot me a text that was something along the lines of, “Yo dawg, Killer Mike’s new album is that fire!” He said it just like that. And it was true. Hooking up with producer/rapper El-P might have been the best decision Killer Mike has ever made. Just like when Kanye West produced one of Common’s entire albums and revived his career, El-P has done the same for Killer Mike. The beats have a great overall production value and still manage to contain some raw grit. The warm synths mixed with a little distortion can send chills down your spine when mixed with Killer Mike’s lyrics.

The good ones:

  • Don’t Die
  • Reagan
  • Untitled

The not so good ones:

  • Big Beast (just didn’t do it for me)
  • Willie Burke Sherwood

Jack White – Blunderbuss

This is the first time Jack White released a solo album and it’s long overdue. I was pleasantly surprised to hear a somewhat different side of Jack White. Though he stays pretty true to his roots, some of the songs had a folky, almost jubilant, feel to them. It’s good music to drive with the windows down on a hot summer day to.

The good ones:

  • Freedom at 21
  • On and On and On
  • Take Me With You When You Go

The not so good ones:

  • Love Interruption
  • Sixteen Saltines

Santigold – Master of My Make-Believe

It’s been a few years since Santigold has released an album. It’s always an interesting collection. Some songs manage to get you pretty hyped up while others induce reflection and deep thought. Some of the songs come off slightly dissonant at first, but she still manages to create some memorable melodies that stick in your head for weeks. Her unique voice can produce some chilling effects and I can promise you, it’s unlike anything you’ve ever heard.

The good ones:

  • Go!
  • Disparate Youth
  • Pirate in the Water

The not so good ones:

  • This Isn’t Our Parade
  • The Riot’s Gone

Himanshu – Nehru Jackets Mixtape

This mixtape came out quite a few months ago, but because it’s relatively unheard of, it’s worth sharing. With the resurrection of NYC hip-hop through guys like A$AP Rocky, Mr. Mothafuckin’ eXquire, and others, there’s been a slew of good underground rap. Himanshu, one-third of Das Racist, released a solo mixtape which still includes a lot of his counterparts and producer Mike Finnito, with a little more hip-hop style. At first glance, the rap comes off lazy and care-free, but that soon becomes it’s appeal and charm. This 25-track release is about as raw as it gets.

The good ones:

  • You Have to Ride the Wave (can’t stress this enough)
  • Coca Cola Freestyle
  • Kate Boosh
  • Desi Shoegaze Taiko

The not so good ones:

  • Mike Finnito Raps Too (he shouldn’t. Sick beat though)
  • Thug Handles

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