Welcome to the Elite .500 Club

Last night, the 76ers did something that they haven’t done since 2009. Become an average team.

With a win over the D-Town Pistons, the Sixers’ record is 29-29, putting us 7th in the Eastern Conference. Surprisingly, the East isn’t that bad this year, and of the 8 teams that would be going to the play offs, there is only one with a losing record. Take that Seattle Seahawks!

The 76ers now have the same amount of wins as the New York Knicks, who everyone won’t shut up about. Except, didn’t the Cavaliers just beat them? Word?

Now, to be fair, the Detroit Pistons are amidst a huge mutiny against their head coach, and only 6 players started on Friday. I didn’t even expect the Pistons to put up that much of a fight. But when ESPN starts praising the Lakers for getting their “swagger” back after blowing out the Hawks a game after the All Star Break (a feat the 76ers already accomplished some 2 weeks ago) I say, you take what they give ya.

That’s a word I’m really get sick of hearing. Swagger. All the hipster analysts on ESPN are using it all over the place, asking dumb questions like : “Well, which team carries more swagger into the play offs?” or “That guy clearly has his swagger on, even after all these years!” Is Old Spice working out a sponsorship term promotion or something? Are we rating players on the “SwaggoMeter” now?

But I digress. It’s a look of things to come. The Sixers are 7-3 in their last 10, and 19-9 at home. They are on their way to a positive record, and if it wasn’t for that abysmal start in the first quarter of the season, we’d be well beyond that. Let’s hope that the Sixers can carry that swagger into the play offs.

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