Turnaround the Turnaround

Tyrann Mathieu

I am so ready for the NFL season to begin. You know why? So we can stop having insane articles like this on NFL.com:

“Tyrann Mathieu proving Arizona Cardinals right with turnaround.”

The only problem with this headline? Tyrann Mathieu has not played in a single NFL game. So how in the world is he ‘proving Arizona Cardinals right?’

They drafted a player with off the field issues who so far hasn’t been a headache and has looked good in pre-season games. You know who else looked good in pre-season games? The 2006 Oakland Raiders. They went 5-0 and looked pretty darn good.

So what happened when the season rolled around? They busted out a stellar 2-14 record.

Just remember this when you see the Mathieu sack highlight played over and over and over again. Who did he sack? Graham freaking Harrell. Let’s pump the breaks a little bit here fellas.

Will Mathieu turn into a good NFL player? Maybe. But let’s wait until he does something in the real NFL to make that decision. Right now? The Cardinals just drafted a player who is on their team. Just like all 31 other NFL teams.

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