The Super Quick Picks

It’s Thursday! That means the games for Week 7 start tonight. That means my picks for this week are going to be just as good as last week!

First, how did I do last week? 8 of 13. Not too shabby, I must say. I called the Jets game. Called the Bucs. Almost called the Cowboys minus half a point.

Second, if you haven’t noticed, our latest Tweet doesn’t show up in Chooch’s quote box anymore!! Twitter has literally revamped their entire API, meaning all the thousands of people who used to embed Tweets without their gay-ass widget can’t anymore. It’s super lame. It has a lot to do with large accounts and mobile apps that they want to end up paying for their data, so little folks like us suffer.

Not sure when I will get that back up and running, but I just want to tell Twitter…. look at Facebook man. You try to monetize everything you do, you will die. Facebook stock? Laughable.

Anywho, THE PICKS!!

Seattle +9 @ San Francisco – Mmmmmm, Seattle is always getting the short end of the stick. No one picked them for any of the upsets they had, and that’s why, I am not this time. All that talk about the Hawks making their spread, or even winning, is gonna back fire. 49ers -9.

Tennessee +3 @ Buffalo – Most boring game of the week goes to?? Hasselback is looking better. Fitzpatrick is looking worse. Titans +3.

Arizona +6.5 @ Minnesota – These are two teams that both exceeded their season expectations already. THEY ARE WHO WE THOUGHT THEY WERE!! Cardinals +6.5

Cleveland +1 @ Indianapolis – Thinking the Colts are gonna bounce back. At home, so that means that Cleveland would be favored if this was the other way around? Oooo, on second thought, Trent Richardson, if healthy, will run all over Indy. I’d say away from this one…. but…. Cleveland +1.

Baltimore +7 @ Houston – Probably the game of the week. I understand that Houston is good, but I don’t get how this spread can be that big. Ravens +7.

Green Bay -5.5 @ St. Louis – Hm, Green Bay -5.5.

Dallas -1 @ Carolina – I have a feeling this is going to be Cam’s redemption game before falling into sophmore oblivion again. He can’t have RGIII get all the love. Panthers +1.

Washington +6.5 @ New York Giants – The Giants look really good. The Redskins have a little steam building as well. I think the Giants will win, but not by a TD. Redskins +6.5.

New Orleans -1 @ Tampa Bay – Tampa Bay. Again.

New York Jets +10.5 @ New England – God dang this line is absurd. I think New England is going to win, but this game has a lot of hype going into Sunday. Gotta take the big spread. Jets +10.5.

Jacksonville +4 @ Oakland – No clue. Raiders -4?

Pittsburgh -1 @ Cincinnati – The Bengals have had the Steelers number lately. Gonna go with the Bengals +1. DALTON!!

Detroit +6.5 @ Chicago – I watched the Lions squeak by the Eagles last Sunday in person. Boy it was infuriating. Do I expect the Bears to fall apart in the same fashion? No, but that spread is large enough I’ll take the Lions. Division game. Lions +6.5


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