The Sixers Blow…another game

That seemed impossible.  Up 4 with 20 seconds to play, I thought for sure the Sixers had the game in the bag.  But then, of course, they blew it.

Mark Zumoff said something like this right before the final Magic play of regulation, “Well, the Sixers are up 4 with 20 seconds left to play…you would think they’re gonna win unless the unthinkable happens and they foul someone taking a three pointer.”

Aaaaaaaand….guess what happened?  THAT!  EXACTLY THAT!

Andre “I am the biggest idiot and the worst 80 million dollar player ever” Iguodala tries to follow his man, puts a hand in his face and gets called for a foul as the player drills the three pointer.  Was it a foul?  Of course not.  But here’s the bigger question: WHAT THE HELL IS IGGY DOING EVEN GETTING NEAR THAT MAN WHEN THEY ARE UP BY 4 WITH 20 SECONDS LEFT?  GET AWAY FROM HIM IGGY YOU FREAKING IDIOT!  GET. AWAY. FROM. HIM!

Even if he makes the three pointer, guess what happens?  The Sixers are still up by one, they in bound, get fouled, shoot free throws.

That’s how smart teams do it.  But this is the Sixers.  Morons.  Losers.  And let me repeat that one more time.  They are losers.

They pissed away a 7 pt lead in the 4th quarter.  A second before that Magic 4 pt play, Lou Williams missed a free throw that would’ve put them up 5 and made that 4 pt play inconsequential.  But he clanked it.  Cause he is a loser.

Then, after the Magic tied the game, what play do they draw up?  Have Lou dribble the final seconds off the clock at the top of the key and launch up a terrible long range fade-away three pointer that almost drops.  Genius.  Freaking idiots.

Oh and since it worked so well at the end of regulation, they choose to do the same play at the end of overtime, only this time, they let Iggy dribble down the final seconds only to clank a lay up because he is a loser and a waste of space.

Trade him.  Trade him.  TRADE.  HIM.

And forget this team.  At best, they’re a 7 seed getting eliminated in the first round.  At worst, they’re what I watched last night.

Forget about them.  The rest of Philadelphia already has.

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  • I really couldn’t ask for more from this artilce.

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