The Head Rush Jinxes Everything

Wow, yesterday’s game against the Marlins was absolutely brutal. Even with those pathetic losses, we still evened that series and put up some pretty decent numbers in the first two games.

On the downside, one of our “aces” is plummeting to the level of worst E.R.A. in the majors, given the amount of innings he has pitched. Yea, it’s fair to say that Halladay may have had his worst outing yet, and he followed that up with the notion that he may be injured and possibly out for the remainder of the season.

This comes right after yours truly said this:

I think it’s pretty safe to say that Halladay won’t be winning any more Cy Young awards, BUT, I think I feel pretty confident in saying that he’s going to be alright this year. He’s getting old, and he definitely doesn’t have the same stuff, but he’s wising up to that fact and pitching accordingly.

Well said, Randy. You’re a friggin’ idiot.

The Head Rush jinx holds true once again.

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