Take…Take me Home

1.) I put that song “Home” by Bone Thugs-N-Harmony on a mixtape that I made recently and I have to say, I do not regret the decision one bit.  Holy cow, what an underrated song.  It has an abundance of unintentional comedy. I mean, it’s a Bone Thugs-N-Harmony song with freakin’ Phil Collins for crying out loud. According to Wikipedia, the group got so much positive feedback from the song (in the U.K., not the U.S.) that they decided to name Phil Collins an honorary member of the group with the moniker “Chrome Bone.” Gangsta.

Now, with all that being said, taking into account all of the elements that are at work against the song, you want to know the secret truth?  It’s a GOOD song.  There, I said it. It has an catchy beat and the chorus is AWESOME!  Throw in a reference to Uncle Charles (really, has Bone Thugs ever made a song without mentioning Uncle Charlie?) and you have what amounts to one of the most underrated songs ever. Just get past the image of Phil “Chrome Bone” Collins and Krayzie Bone watching Disney’s Tarzan through a thick fog of smoke and enjoy it.

2.) While were on the topic of the tape, I also put songs from Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (“Whatever happened….TO MY ROCK AND ROLL!”) and Incubus on it. Remember Incubus?  I don’t know what they’re up to these days, but I’m sure that it involves herbal tea.

3.) Can we all agree that How I Met your Mother would be 100 times better if it killed off Ted Mosby?  That guy is so whiney and annoying. JUST MEET THE MOTHER ALREADY!

4.) Speaking of CBS sitcoms, I tried to watch an episode of The Big Bang Theory cause a lot of people like it.  I made it to the opening credits and had to change the channel.  Holy cow that show is TERRIBLE.  Here’s basically what happened in the 3 minutes I watched: Leonard was on the phone, the group saw that he was cringing and didn’t like whoever he was talking to, Sheldon surmised that he was probably talking to a doctor about getting a colonoscopy (naturally), Leonard hangs up the phone, “the gang” asks ‘what was that phone call about?’ Leonard says, ‘That was my mother, she’s coming to visit.’ Howard says, ‘so it was about a colonoscopy!’ AND SCENE! Wow. Comic GOLD!

5.) Top Chef should just stop now and have Ed and Paul fight it out in the finals.

ON TO THE PICKS! (My actual winners will be in bold and whoever I list first will be who I think is going to cover).

New England -7 over the Ravens. Joe Flacco is not very good.  It’s time to admit that.  If it hadn’t been for Jacoby Jones, the Texans would be playing the Patriots this weekend. I know it’s sacriledge to talk trash on Joey as a fellow Delawarean, but man, he is baaaad. Also there was a report out there that he was skateboarding in his driveway, and his neighbor called the Ravens and tattled on him.  His response?  Something like, “I had never skateboarded before so I wanted to try it.” Um, Joe, the most important game of your life is coming up. The last thing you need to do is break your wrist trying an ollie kickflip mctwist.

If the Ravens have any chance in this game, they need to hand the ball off to Ray Rice and Ricky Williams 60 times. Each.

NY Giants +2.5 at San Francisco.  I wanted to pick the 49ers, but Randy picked them and so, I wanted to be different.  That’s how decisions get made here at theheadrush.  Also: Cruz, Manning, Nicks, Jacobs, Bradshaw, and the Giants D-Line.  This game is going to be awesome to watch.  I can’t wait!

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