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Hope Solo ain’t all that…and other things

1.) Look, this trend has gotten out of control.  Whenever a female athlete is on center stage and is MILDLY attractive, us male folks go off the deep end.  How many guys did you hear say “I wanna marry Hope Solo!”  “She is so hot!”  Blah blah blah.  Fact of the matter is, she’s kinda pretty, she is OK to look at.  She’s not THAT good looking. In fact, she’s a little man-ish. You can point out photo-shopped, cropped pictures all you want, but the girl on the field, in the net, the real girl, wasn’t all that attractive. …

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She Says the Jungle… It Just Came Alive and Took Him.

Alright, I have to start off by discussing how epic Adam’s bachelor party was.  Usually when I wake up at 8 am to do anything, I’m tired, frustrated, cold, irritable, and just no fun to be around.  Thankfully, it didn’t matter.  This sort of behavior was encouraged when we went paintballing with around 15 of our friends and some guy who looked like a cross between Rambo and a native American.  Rambo, and his army of children, led us into the backwoods of Delaware to engage in epic warfare through 95 degree weather. Now, aside from the strange discipline…

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Bachelor Party!

Alright Headrush faithful, I ain’t got much for ya.  Tomorrow is my bachelor party and I am flying high after chugging down some ice coffee.  I can’t really concentrate as I think about all the wonderful possibilities of what’s going to happen during the raucous Friday night and Saturday Day that awaits.  Cowboy monkeys, paintball, mustaches, Capriottis, High Life flowing like wine…what more could a girl ask for? I am heading up to the Philly airport to pick up my old College roommate and once he touches down, it’s on like super glue. So here’s to you, Headrush faithful. …

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