Bachelor Party!

Alright Headrush faithful, I ain’t got much for ya.  Tomorrow is my bachelor party and I am flying high after chugging down some ice coffee.  I can’t really concentrate as I think about all the wonderful possibilities of what’s going to happen during the raucous Friday night and Saturday Day that awaits.  Cowboy monkeys, paintball, mustaches, Capriottis, High Life flowing like wine…what more could a girl ask for?

I am heading up to the Philly airport to pick up my old College roommate and once he touches down, it’s on like super glue.

So here’s to you, Headrush faithful.  I apologize for not having a new article up, but hey, I got bigger fish to fry!

Oh, by the way, I’m pretty sure the Women’s National Team could beat Manhattan University, a NCAA division one school that went 0-16 last year.  Just saying, stop being sexist fools and just enjoy the game for what is!  Women doing work on a national stage.



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