Simple Thoughts

Adam said my last post was a little grumpy. I promise this one won’t be as bad.

Lebron is going back to Cleveland. I know, I know, it sounds absolutely absurd, but all of the pieces are starting to align in that direction. He’s already alluded to the possibility of going back to Cleveland earlier this season. If the Miami Heat lose the NBA Finals (which, it’s kinda looking that way), James will be stuck in a position that he won’t find comfortable. He already hates being the bad guy. He hates the persona. 49 of the 50 states in the U.S. wanted the Thunder to win the NBA Finals, and it’s not because people suddenly have a bunch of love for Oklahoma City. Going back to Cleveland would be the greatest PR move in the past 10 years. You, and I, would absolutely embrace him. Fingers crossed.

Ozzie Guillen was voted the least respected manager in baseball by a poll of 100 current baseball players this Spring. A couple Saturdays ago, the Marlins were playing on Fox Saturday Baseball and they normally interview someone live in the dugout. Guillen was being interviewed and his players were throwing sunflower seeds at him from off camera for ohhhhh… about the entire interview. If that doesn’t get you respect, I don’t know what will. Imagine if Charlie Manuel had something thrown at him during an interview. ‘Whole team ‘get benched.

Philadelphia also was awarded the ‘Most Obnoxious Fans’ award with an overwhelming 36%. Yep. Sounds about right.

I saw Prometheus over the weekend. Let’s just say you should wait for DVD. I don’t want to throw any spoilers out there, but I gotta say, I thought Charlize Theron would do better. It’s full of your typical, “Hey what was that noise? All these warning signs are in front of us, but we’re scientists, so we ignore scary facts and proceed anyway” type moments. It also takes place in the year 2093. You saw the trailer. 2093? We’re flying to planets that take some 2 years of space-sleep to get to and it’s only 2093? We’ll be lucky to have a fully functioning electric car by then.

I am just coming to learn about the Alabama Shakes. Sometimes I just get on the bandwagon super late, lol. How am I just now hearing about these guys? The years 2010-2012 have been dominated by sultry, zoftig ladies with deep voices. It’s nice to see a change from time to time.

Ok, my simple thoughts are over. Thx gyz.


  • I guess I just wanted to sound like a hipster snob since they were at Bonnaroo. Shout out to myself for using the word zoftig.

  • “Hey what was that noise? All these warning signs are in front of us, but we’re scientists, so we ignore scary facts and proceed anyway” – Haha, that pretty much sums up what I was thinking the entire time in the theater. Overall, I liked the movie though.

  • TBH, you aren’t finding out about Alabama Shakes that late.. Anyone that says they were familiar with them before August of 2011 must be from the Athens area – or very hooked in to the music scene there. They sort of blew up quick with a CMJ/NPR/Jack White/etc combo of appearances and backing over the last 9 months.

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